gifts for housewarming party

You friend or relative has finally gotten their own place, and they are throwing a well-expected housewarming party. Since you do not want to be that guy who shows up empty-handed because your friend will totally not mind that, you have decided to start browsing for gifts.

But like all things in life, that is easier said than done, as finding the perfect housewarming gifts for men can be a little tricky, particularly if you want to focus on a single aspect (the bathroom, in our case). So, to save you from taking the Seinfeldian route of overthinking the problem till exhaustion, we have decided to scour the internet for both practical, and luxurious products that your friend will appreciate. Here are seven of the best and practical bath housewarming gifts for men.

1. A Set of Comfortable Bath Towels

set of white bathroom towels

We know what you are thinking – a set of bath towels seems kind of a boring gift, right? Well, not quite. We all know that most men like practical things, but as pragmatic as men are, they tend to focus too much on the big picture and forget buying small stuff that can increase the quality of their lives. For example, you might hear that a single towel is all that they might need, but we all know that is not true.

So, one of the most practical (and luxurious at the same time) housewarming gifts that you could offer is a set of high-quality towels. Made out of 100% pure Turkish cotton, these are not the standard towels that you can buy from the convenience store.

The material, apart from offering a soothing and comfortable feeling that is much needed after a relaxing bath, is very good at absorbing water. Furthermore, the edges are double woven (making it extremely durable), and the fibers will gradually alter with every wash, becoming softer as time goes on. So, as banal as gifting a set of towels might sound, remember that these are not your usual towels, and your friend will appreciate the thought you have put into this gift.

2. A Cozy Bathrobe

man wearing white bathrobe

Another item that many people (this includes both men and women) tend to forget to buy is a bathrobe. While one could just as easily wrap a towel around themselves and go about their business, why not give your friend the opportunity to enjoy the comfiness of a bathrobe? And not just any bathrobe – you can be a little creative and get an elegant kimono style bathrobe. Made out of 100 % cotton and terry velour, you can be sure that your friend will feel comfortable and fancy at the same time in this garment.

If you do not like the idea of a kimono style bathrobe, you can just as easily opt for a customized ultra-soft microfleece bathrobe. Plush, warm and very fuzzy, with an elegant shawl and two big pockets, this bathrobe offers the full spa treatment, but in a domestic setting. Pick up this bathrobe with the set of towels suggested above and you will create the perfect combo.

3. A Pair of Cozy Slippers

white spa slippers

So we suggested a bathrobe and a set of towels, but something seems to be missing here. For this reason, we highly recommend picking up a pair of stylish closed toe waffle spa slippers to go along well with the previous items. Why spa slippers specifically? Because they are comfier, and a lot more durable than your standard slippers. The ones we recommend, in particular, are made out of 65 % natural cotton and 35 % polyester, meaning that they are very good at absorbing high quantities of water. Add a pair of open toe slippers into the equation for summertime use and, together with the previously mentioned items, you have just created the most practical gift bag that a man could wish for.

4. A Multi-Purpose Shaving Tool

multipurpose shaving tool

Even though shaving is part of most men’s weekly routine, it is safe to assume that all men would do everything in their power to cut down on the time spent on this activity even by a few seconds. For this reason, we recommend adding a multi-purpose shaving tool into the gift basket. The Philips Norelco OneBlade, for instance, is perfect for this purpose. Featuring an electric razor on one side and a precision edger on the other, it is the ideal tool to have in hand’s reach for busy mornings. Not to mention that it is wireless, which will be highly appreciated by your friend since nobody wants to deal with wires in our day and age.

5. Skin Care Products

man with well groomed beard

The days when skincare (and most grooming activities, for that matter) were considered part of the feminine experience are long gone. In our day and age, there is no stigma on men who like to take care of themselves, particularly their skin.

There are many great options to choose from here. One of them is the Kiehl’s Facial Fuel, a great formula for scrubbing off all of those dead skin cells after a long day spent at the office. Another great product is the Clinique for Men. Steel-grey, with a simple, yet sleek packing, this product does exactly what you would expect – namely, hydrating the skin and conditioning the beard (if your friend sports one) without exposing the skin to the risk of breakouts, thanks to the fact that it is oil-free.

6. A Large Highly-Absorbent Bath Mat

Going further with the bathroom theme of this article, another great housewarming gift for your friend has to be a stylish, large size quality resort bathroom mat. The one we recommend, in particular, stands out from the rest due to the fact that it is designed with hotel rooms in mind. This essentially means that you are getting a highly durable bathroom mat that will add a tinge of grace and luxury to your friend’s bathroom.

Made out of 100 % Turkish cotton (like most of the items we recommended so far), the material is extra soft and smooth to the touch. Furthermore, the material easily absorbs water dripping from the feet, so he will never have to worry about dealing with annoying bathroom puddles.

7. A Bathroom Caddy

wooden caddy on bathtub


Most of us love the idea of unwinding while taking a bath (either by browsing the internet on our phones or reading a book), but then comes the issue of putting the book down when it is time to actually clean ourselves. If your friend is the kind of guy who likes doing this, then you should consider buying a bathroom caddy. This item is deceptively clever – it is simply a wooden shelf that stretches across the tub, offering a safe and dry space for all manners of sensitive items, like books, phones, tables and so on. With this gift, your friend can say goodbye to disastrous accidental knocks.


Buying the ideal housewarming gift for a man is tricky enough without having to focus solely on the bathroom, but it is not impossible. As practical as men are, most tend to focus too much on the broad picture and forget about those exact small details that make our lives easier. If you are looking for the perfect housewarming gift, hopefully, this article will provide you with some insight on what to buy.