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Bathrobes are those wonderful personal products where necessity can and should meet luxury. Whether you slip into one after a long hot bath or you cuddle in one with a good book or movie in a chilly evening, today’s bathrobes have to rise to our expectations. The coziness, warmth, and the feeling against your skin they provide reside mostly in their fabric.

If back in the day you could experience this extraordinary sophistication only with hotel and spa bathrobes, now, we can get an extra touch of lavish sense of wellbeing with the myriad of bathrobes available for purchase. In this article we will explore the best bathrobe fabrics for a luxurious experience.

How Should You Pick the Right Bathrobe?

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Before we get to the essence of things – the best bathrobe fabrics – we need to learn that not all bathrobes are created equal. Besides your personal tastes and choices, you should know that bathrobes could serve you differently, depending on what you need them for. Not so long ago, we offered you the ultimate bathrobe style guide, which included plenty of these issues. We think, however, that a quick reminder will help you decide what bathrobes are the best ones for you.

Bathrobe Style

In our day and age, bathrobes come in a wide variety of styles, including kimonos and shawl collared robes. You can go for cozy bathrobes with hoods or sleeve cuffs. They vary in length, fitments, size, and sleeves’ length.

In many cases, the best style and cut choice is the one that catches your attention and fits perfectly within your environment and your needs. They can cover your desire for a sleek fitted look or for a bulky, soft, and cozy one.


Now we enter a more refined and specific territory, because absorbency and fabrics go hand in hand. If you want a bathrobe to wear after a shower or a pool session, waffle robes are your best bet. If you want to wear it around the house for coziness and comfort, absorbency may fall on the second place and you might consider a velour bathrobe. If you think luxury at its best, you probably already know that silk and satin bathrobes have little to do with absorbency but are the best fashionable choices.


Generally, the more absorbent a bathrobe is, the heavier it will be. If you simply wish for a fluffy fun experience, you will choose a different fabric for your bathrobe in comparison to the fabric you should choose for the one you use by the poolside.

Best Bathrobe Fabrics for a Luxurious Experience

Now that we saw how to choose a bathrobe depending on what we desire and need at a particular moment, let’s see together the best bathrobe fabrics to make you feel like a superstar.

1. Cotton Terry Bathrobes

blonde woman wearing white Turkish cotton shawl collar Terry bathrobe

Do you remember that song by Jesse Spencer “Sheets of Egyptian Cotton?” Turkish and Egyptian cotton have been the high-end standard in cotton fabrics for decades. Soft, smooth, and comfortable, cotton terry is 100% cotton and a synonym for luxury. Back in the day, you could find cotton terry bathrobes only in luxury hotels and spas. We are now so lucky to be able to have these amazing spa robes for pleasure and relaxation at home as well. They are available in a wide variety of weights and thread counts. The higher the density, the more comfortable the bathrobe.

  • Why you should choose them: Incredible warmth and comfort; high levels of absorbency; thick.
  • What you should consider: Given their high absorption levels, they tend to become heavy and bulky after shower. Moreover, they are subject to shrinkage, so it is better to look for a pre-shrunk material.

When you look for such worldwide famous Turkish robes, make sure they are original and 100% cotton. They may come with a high price, but their quality is indisputable.

2. Cotton Velour

blonde woman wearing white shawl collar bathrobe

Luxurious, soft as velvet, thick, and cozy, a Terry velour bathrobe is perfect for those cold winter nights when you want to snuggle with a hot cup of cocoa and a book. It’s the first choice of robes in colder climates and for people who appreciate comfort and pampering the most. Cotton velour is considered a super fabric for winter robes. Ideally, your next favorite robe should have a cotton content of at least 80%.

  • Why you should choose them: Incredible warmth; great feel against your skin; durable; smooth to the touch, insulating.
  • What you should consider: The fabric’s density makes them heavier than other bathrobes.

Do not mistake cotton velour bathrobes with polyester velour ones. Cotton velour is an expensive, high-end fabric. Make sure that you get a velour robe with at least 80% cotton.

3. Cashmere

woman wearing white cashmere bathrobe

The ultimate cloud-soft fabric, cashmere is the go-to fabric when you want to buy winter loungewear, which wraps you in a lightweight, ultra-warm cocoon of coziness. You should know that there are many cashmere varieties out there and you should pay attention to the quality of bathrobe that you want to purchase. A high-end cashmere robe is warm, insulating, and very lightweight but also pricey.

  • Why you should choose them: Incredible warmth; great feel against your skin; soft to the touch.
  • What you should consider: They do not have absorbing properties; you should dry-clean them.

Cashmere bathrobes are quite an investment. However, they are worth every cent because they will offer you the treat of a lifetime.

4. Luxury Microfiber

man wearing white fleece bathrobe

Modern hi-tech microfiber bathrobes are all the rage these days when it comes to luxury wear. The new technologies allow these robes to be finer than silk and more lightweight and breathable than other natural and synthetic fibers. Whether you pick a suede-like, finished fabric for a deluxe, soft feel similar to that of satin and silk or a weaving style in millions of micro-loops (which offer fantastic water absorbency), these microfiber robes are a thing to love. You may find such robes in upscale hotels and spas as they are ideal for yearlong wear and for lounging.

  • Why you should choose them: Warm and cozy; great absorbency, depending on the weaving style; classy, sleek, and modern weavings and cuts.
  • What you should consider: They come with prices reflecting their high-end features.

Luxury microfiber bathrobes are relatively new to the market and the price tag is oftentimes high. However, they make the perfect gift you can offer yourself or a loved one – if upscale comfort is what you are looking for.

5. Satin and Silk Robes

blonde woman wearing white satin kimono robe

We cannot depart without mentioning silk and satin robes. It is true that they do not necessarily fit the description of “bath” robes, as their water absorbency features are almost non-existing, but they are the ultimate choice of indoor wear in the luxury department. Besides the smooth feel we all know, silk and satin bathrobes are a self-indulgence you cannot say no to. They are perfect for summer, when you simply want to slip in something cool and comfortable. They are extremely lightweight, fluid, and seductive.

  • Why you should choose them: Cool and fluid, they make perfect choices for steamy weather.
  • What you should consider: They offer no absorbency; therefore, they are more loungewear than actual bathrobes.

Satin and silk bathrobes – and we talk only natural fibers – can be pricy as they are desired and revered.

Picking up the loose ties…

Finding the perfect bathrobe (or bathrobes) is not easy feat. Besides the colors, prints, lengths, sizes, extra features, and cuts, you need to know that the best bathrobe fabrics are, eventually, the ones that help you decide. Now that you know what to look for in order to experience sophisticated comfort, let us know what else you want to learn about robes! We are here to answer all your questions!



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