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So, your best friend or a family member just had (or is about to have) a baby. And if you are reading this, it is safe to assume that you are completely clueless how a baby shower works. Do you go with a quirky approach and buy something cute, or opt for something useful that will actually make the mom’s life easier?

If your impulse is to choose the latter, now you might be wondering what exactly constitutes as a useful gift? To answer that question, we have scoured the internet for a few baby shower gifts that are perfect for this occasion, with a few luxury items sprinkled in between to make things more interesting.

A Baby Diary

pink baby diary with decorations 


An essential gift for new moms is a baby journal to record the special moments that they will look back to in the future. Even though diaries are gradually falling out of fashion with the advent of smartphones, we can all agree that there is nothing more intimate than actually putting a pen on paper and scribbling your thoughts. Some events are just too special to be recorded by haphazardly tapping the smartphone screen with your fingers – and there is no better way to immortalize a baby’s accomplishments (the first word, first steps) than a cute journal. Trust us, your friend will appreciate the thought you have put into this gift.

Soft and Fuzzy Baby Washcloths are the Way to Go 

set of baby washcloths

There comes a time – 24 hours after birth, according to the World Health Organization – when the parents will have to give the baby their first bath. After all, that fresh smell that newborn babies emanate does not last for too long.

After a thorough wash comes the time to wipe the water off the baby. And since babies have very sensitive skin, parents need something extra soft to prevent any rashes and irritations to occur. Enter the Super Gentle & Soft Best Baby Washcloths. Made in Turkey and available in sets of 12, these washcloths provide users with a sense of luxury without needing to break bank. They are made out of 100 % pure Turkish cotton, and thanks to this design choice, the baby will feel a sense of warmth and smoothness as soon as the material touches their skin.

But what makes these washcloths very special is their long-term utility. The fibers are woven in such a way that even after washing, they alter and make the washcloth feel even softer than the first time they were used. Infants have special requirements, and there is no better way to accommodate them than buying 100 % cotton towels for the baby.  

 A Soft Waffle Bathrobe

woman wearing white waffle bathrobe

Motherhood is a tiresome endeavor, especially in the first few years when the baby needs all of their attention. That is why mothers should take advantage of every opportunity to relax – read a book, go for a run, watch a movie or, even better, take a long, soothing bath.

But you can’t just hop into your clothes as soon as the bath is over and go on about your day, right? That would be just silly. This is why we highly recommend giving a nice, comfortable mom bathrobe to maintain a sense of coziness when the time comes to hop out of the bathtub.

It is the perfect accessory to own after a well-deserved hot bath and way after the fact. Made out of 100 % cotton and featuring ¾ length sleeves, the bathrobes we recommended previously stay comfortable for long periods of wearing. It makes for a thoughtful give for the new mother, who needs all the rest and relaxation she can get.

Help Her Rest with A Pregnancy Pillow 

pregnant woman sleeping on special pillow


Admittedly, this gift works only if your friend or family is expecting the baby, for obvious reasons. However, both expectant and new mothers can agree on one common point – sleep is a luxury. As cheesy as this might sound, giving her the gift of sleep is probably one of the most useful baby shower items that you can offer her.

Enter the pregnancy pillow, an item that many mothers surely wish they have thought to buy back when they were pregnant. With an ergonomic design and two parallel feet rests that accommodate side-sleepers, pregnant women will have no problems sleeping, no matter how big the belly grows. A comfortable night’s sleep is as important to expecting mothers as nutrition, so make sure to give this gift a thought.

Few Things are Cozier than a Pair of Soft Slippers 

soft slippers on carpet

Even though morning sickness and fatigue are the problems that most pregnant women complain about, people tend to forget that pregnancy affects the feet too. Things can get even nastier once the baby is born, as mothers tend to spend a lot of time on their feet doing kid-related stuff.

To make the mother’s life easier, a great shower gift would be a pair of stylish, closed toe spa slippers. Why necessarily spa slippers? Well, apart from being extremely durable (and looking very sleek), they are built out of 65 % cotton and 35 % polyester, which makes them very comfortable. Does your friend hate closed toe slippers? Then you can just as easily opt for a pair of brown open toe slippers, which have the same features, with the added benefit being made out of a 100 % absorbent natural cotton.

A Gift Card for Her Favorite Store

gift card on white background

While this might seem like the lazy person’s way out, you have no idea how much she will appreciate this gift. There is always the danger of the mom ending up with dozens of outfits in the same size, or several duplicates of the same conventional baby shower gifts. And if she had another child of the same sex, chances are her closet is filled with extras. So, if you have absolutely no idea what you should buy, or you want to be extra practical, a gift card to her favorite store will be highly appreciated.

A Memory Case to Store Precious Items

keepsake box


While most parents already practice the habit of keeping the ‘’baby’s firsts’’ (pictures, shoes, toys, and other baby related memorabilia), many of them have a problem storing them in a safe space. So, why not take the opportunity to buy an item that is specially designed for this purpose?

Enter the Meninio memory case, a cute leather box with intricate baby-themed patterns. Available in two sizes (regular and large) and several colors, this memory box is both luxurious and practical because the mom can use it to store napkins, pacifiers and other baby-related accessories.


Baby showers are the perfect opportunity to show your friend or relative your excitement about them becoming mothers and to make their lives much easier. For this reason, in this article, we have decided to include both practical, and luxurious items, for when the mother is in the mood of pampering herself. If you are unsure what to buy for the baby shower, make sure to read through our suggestions and you will surely find something to your liking. 



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