best personalized wedding gifts

Are you getting ready to shop for your friends’ wedding? The task may not be easy, but it can certainly become incredibly fun if you focus on personalized, cool, mindful gifts to meet and exceed all possible expectations. When you pick a tasteful gift for both of them to love and add a touch of emotion with the help of personalization, you will offer the newlyweds the surprise of their life.

Go beyond useful kitchen appliances (which are hard to personalize) and look for the beautiful, original, whimsical, personal, sophisticated gift to offer the two newlyweds amazing memories for a lifetime. Do you need a boost of inspiration? Here are our top 8 best personalized wedding gifts ideas!

1. Suitcases Set for Two with Travel Tags

leather traveling tags


Help your friends or family members kick start their honeymoon with a set of high quality travel suitcases. If the bride and groom love escapades, excursions, and spontaneous adventures, they will love you for the gift. Spice things up by personalizing each luggage with a timeless, elegant leather tag. The tags can contain their names, the wedding date, or their travel motto. Matching leather, handcrafted travel tags will remind them of you every time they pack, not to mention the luggage set and the tags cover the practical, cool, and novelty factors of the gift.

2. Luxury 5* Bathrobes for Two

set of personalized bathrobes


If you want to spoil your friends and offer them a luxury gift, look for high-end terry velour shawl bathrobe for her and terry velour shawl collar bathrobe for him respectively. Whether you choose bathrobes or bath wraps for each of them, personalization has never been easier. Pick the best fonts and personalize each gift with the receiver’s name, monogram, wedding date or fun motto. Nobody can say no to a pair of cozy clouds of luxury Turkish cotton to pamper themselves each weekend morning and feel like living a perpetual honeymoon.

3. Couple Mugs

personalized mugs


If your friends play on the whimsical side of life, a set of two mugs dedicated to couples is a nice present to make them remember you every time they sip their favorite pick-me-up morning beverage. Couples’ mugs come in a very wide variety of shapes, sizes, and models. You can personalize them with their photos, their personal inside joke, their life motto, or other fun marriage quotes and sayings.

4. High-End Bedding

personalized bedding


You cannot go wrong with a luxurious bedding set in Egyptian or Turkish cotton with the couple’s monogram on them. Make them feel like a king and queen in their castle by offering them a priceless and memorable gift. Pick a neutral color to make sure it matches their newlywed bedroom. When you monogram the sheets, make sure you choose professional services to give the bedding set a truly royal look and feel.

5. A Club Membership

personalized club membership


Such personalized gifts appeal to couples who share plenty of hobbies and passions together. You can go for a winery membership, a gym one, a book club, the photography club and workshop, and so on and so forth. Such gifts show the newlyweds that you know them very well and you care for them on a deep level.

Facilitating their share of common passions and hobbies strengthens their relationship, entices them to have fun together and make unforgettable memories together. This is a thoughtful and exquisite personalized gift, especially if it ups the ante and offers access to an exclusivist or niche club they always wanted to frequent.

6. The Plant a Tree (or Two) Gift

couple planting tree


This is a rather unique type of personalized gift but luckily, you have plenty of options to make things happen. If you conduct a thorough research, you will find plenty of NGOs and communities willing to plant trees for memory or celebration in the name of other people. In other words, you can pay a small fee and plant two trees in the name of the bride and groom.

This is an incredible meaningful gesture with deep symbolism, but also a great gesture for the planet and humankind. If your friends are environmentally aware and you want to celebrate their wedding, love, and future, there is no gift more meaningful than having two trees bearing their names planted in their honor.

7. Matching Kitchen Aprons

personalized kitchen aprons for him and her


If your friends love cooking together and enjoying the gourmet side of life, a membership to cooking classes may be just the beginning. If they do not take cooking so seriously, you can simply offer them a great cookbook (with the foods they enjoy most) and matching aprons. You can personalize aprons just as easy as you can personalize t-shirts, mugs, or pillowcases.

Find a fun message personalized for the Mrs. and the Mr. respectively and print them on the aprons. Who knows, this gift may land you a dinner invitation if the two of them are ready to show you what they know.

8. A Fully Equipped Picnic Backpack

fully equipped picnic backpack


Picnic backpacks make incredible gifts for couples loving to spend time outdoors and spontaneously organize outings, road trips, and vacations. Picnic backpacks come with everything you can think of and then some: cutlery, plates, coasters, picnic blanket and more. If they are the type of people who travel and follow their wanderlust bug, the picnic backpack is both useful and fun to have around. You can personalize the backpack easily: monograms, wedding dates, names, quotes, or funny messages.


One of the first things you need to pay attention to when buying wedding gifts is the people you intend to surprise. If they are very close friends or family members, tap into the intimate knowledge you have of them and offer them gifts that speak to their personalities, style, values, lifestyle options, tastes, and hobbies.

If you know the couple, but you do not have a strong bond with them (or at least one of them) then go for the more neutral gifts you can personalize with monograms, quotes, or dates. Neutral and universally pleasing personalized wedding gifts for bride and groom without deep personal touches are preferable than awkward or useless presents.