best spa robes for luxury hotels

If you are in the luxury hotel business, you know you have to turn your guests’ hotel experience into something memorable that they will talk about for months. Not so long ago, we virtually visited a handful of hotels offering luxury bathrobes to their guests, veritable works of art meant to make a lasting impression.

As we said on previous occasions, your guests will probably remember less the mini-bar, but they will certainly recommend your hotel if they felt you pampered them, offered them the best in terms of comfort, and managed to surprise them with your sense of style and care for their well-being.

If you have not decided yet on what best spa robes styles and models to choose for your luxury hotel this year, you are in luck, as we have 7 excellent spa robes for you to boost your inspiration.

1. Terry Cloth Spa Robe

Terry cotton kimono white robe

With a design that can always trigger compliments, these terry velour kimono robes are the industry standard for luxury and are sure to raise some eyebrows and make some long-lasting memories.

White is a pure color, generally used in the spa industry as it subconsciously leads to a feeling of cleanliness. Add a refined fabric and a select monogram or embroidery, and you will impress your guests beyond words. Keep in mind that a hood on a warm and cozy bathrobe also gives the entire experience a feel of glamour – royal or Hollywood, your guests will decide on that!

2. Premium Quality 5-Star Hotel & Spa Bathrobe

terry cloth absorbent white robe

Featuring long sleeves, two patch pockets, double belt loops and self-belt, all made in 100% microfiber polyester fleece for incredible softness, such bathrobes can make even the Marriot chain think again about their choices in amenities for guests.

As we discussed on a previous occasion, many luxury hotels changed their serialized cheap white spa robes with veritable clouds of soft comfort. If you want to take inspiration from Marriot (which switched to charcoal gray Terry spa robes), you can bring to your hotel these premium 5-stars spa bathrobes.

Microfiber polyester fleece is one of the most sought for spa robe fabric, as it is warm, has great absorbency, looks silky, goes soft against the skin, and makes a person feel like residing Heaven. Moreover, a shawl collar bathrobe or spa robe offers a little extra in terms of Hollywood glam – and nobody can say no to that.

3. Waffle Weave Kimono Robes

waffle weave kimono robe

Lazy mornings on the balcony, having breakfast and enjoying the spectacular view – this is how the perfect vacation begins. Add a waffle weave kimono robe and your guests will not want to leave your hotel ever.

Either your guests are there for business or for pleasure, they will certainly enjoy a cozy spa robe, perfect for any weather. These waffle spa robes feature lightweight, comfortable luxury fabric, which also comes with a cool sensation against the skin; they feature good water absorbency, and can make anybody feel a lot better about everything.

Such waffle spa robes go great with hotels set in warm climates and make a nice addition to both minimalist urban hotels and rustic luxury cottages in exotic destinations.

4. Cotton Plush Spa Bathrobe for Parties

white cotton plush bathrobe

Any luxury hotel encourages its guests to spend a good, relaxing time by the pool or in the spa and wellness center during the day, while sipping a cocktail at the pool party in the evening. Those guests who want to live and breathe luxurious indulgence during the holidays will also love your party plush spa bathrobes.

Soft yet durable, these 100% triple sheared cotton terry velour bathrobes feature long sleeves, two convenient hand-sized patch pockets on the outside, two outside belt loops, and a matching belt in the same color and material as the robe for easy closing and adjustments that remain comfortable without effort.

In other words, Heaven made real in any high-end summer resort, a cozy luxurious boutique villa in the mountains, or a delightful post-modern dream built in glass and steel downtown.

5. Embroidered Spa Robes

white embroidered spa robe

Some luxury hotels switch from white to gray, while others go a step further and use animal printed spa robes to surprise their guests. You can follow this trend in the hospitality industry and go even further: embroidered robes.

If you are tired of the serialized items most hotels use, bring home some personality, innovation, and local flair. Embroider the spa robes with your logo or a cute message – not to mention you can order even more complex embroideries for a truly Golden Age of Hollywood style. Such robes will certainly breathe some life and spark into your guests’ hearts.

6.  Tahoe Microfleece Shawl Collar Robe

white micro fleece spa bathrobe

There is no amazing spa session without a bit of buzz and microfleece spa robes can add the exact amount of zing to any luxury hotel experience. These lightweight, comfortable, and super-absorbent robes are a dream came true for any guest who searches comfort, self-indulgence, pampering, and something to remember for years.

In terms of comfort and stylish luxury, such robes feature 100% microfiber polyester fleece for softness and easy care, and features long sleeves with thick, roll-up cuffs, two patch pockets, an elegant shawl collar, and a matching belt. Spice the robes up with your logo or a cute message and you will surely make a long-lasting impression!

7. 100% Turkish Cotton Shawl Collar Terry Robe

white shawl collared cotton robe

White bathrobes have an intrinsic charm to them, as they speak of cleanness, comfort, and a sense of familiarity and intimacy your guests are looking for in their “home away from home.”

Moreover, if you are talking about the best spa robes in luxury hotels, you should know that Turkish cotton is an extremely luxurious fabric, softer, richer, and warmer than the famous Egyptian cotton. A Turkish shawl collar terry robe wraps the body in layers of comfort and self-indulgence and makes any guest feel like royalty.

Which of these best spa robes for luxury hotels appeal to you the most? Which ones would you choose to make your guests feel like royalty?