Thanksgiving is coming up fast, and nothing speaks better about gratefulness and joy than some well-selected Thanksgiving gifts for family. Whether you go to your parents’ house for the holiday dinner or take part in a big family Thanksgiving family reunion, you should think about some thoughtful presents to lift your loved ones’ spirits. Let’s see together a handful of the best Thanksgiving gifts for family this year to get your inspiration wheels in motion!

Best Thanksgiving Gifts for Mom

When it comes to Thanksgiving dinner and family gatherings, there is nobody more dedicated or more passionate about the even than our moms are. They work the hardest, they create the most amazing dishes, and they give their heart for us to have a good time and enjoy every moment of the dinner.

1. A High-End Bathrobe for Endless Moments of Luxurious Relaxation

Our moms deserve the best. This year, show her you appreciate her efforts and meet her needs with a thoughtful gift: a warm exquisite velour bathrobe she will enjoy in her welcomed hours of post-holiday relaxation. All moms need to unwind and enjoy some pampering moments.

Make her feel special and show your gratitude by offering her the gift of soft cotton or velvet, together with a refined selection of skin care and spa products. After long days of making preparations, cooking, and supervising, a fluffy bathrobe and some pumpkin-spiced bath foam or soap bar will make her feel like a queen.

2. A Set of Personalized Scented Candles


Moms who appreciate an atmosphere of intimacy and comfort for their dinner events will undoubtedly welcome a set of personalized scented candles as Thanksgiving gifts. Find the candles releasing your mom’s favorite scents and make sure you buy a set that allows you to personalize them.

Some come with labels you can order to go with messages and holiday wishes; others come with tags you can customize with a thoughtful quote for instance. Any way you want to go about this is going to be fine, as your mom will be happy to know you took the time and made the effort to tend to her wishes and tastes.

3. A Thanksgiving Luxury Dinner Accessories Set


Moms who love to cook also love plating and using the best gourmet accessories for each special occasion.

If you want to surprise her, take some time and prepare her a dinner set including the best dinner table accessories:

• A personalized wood cheese plate – carve it with a Thanksgiving message, a nice quote or a customized wish;

• Pair the cheese board with a set of high-quality cheese knives (you can spend some little extra o silverware or specialty cutlery this year);

• If you want to up your gift-giving ante, you can look for Thanksgiving specialty serving set;

• Add a beautiful (or a funky) tablecloth, depending on her tastes and finish the package with a set of high-end cotton washcloths, napkin holders, and a centerpiece candle holder.

She will never use other table accessories than these, especially if you offer them to her as a token of appreciation for her tastes in table setting and chef-style cooking.

Best Thanksgiving Gifts for Dad

We know moms usually cook our memorable Thanksgiving dinner, but let us not forget that dads are all the fun. If your dad is the one taking care of the turkey, then you know you have to thank him from the bottom of your heart. Even if he does not, you still show him your appreciation for everything. Let’s see some Thanksgiving gift ideas to make dad special.

1. The Comfiest Slippers You can Find

Do you know what your dad wants and needs after the holiday craze is over? To sit on the couch, have a drink, watch some TV, and relax. Do you know how you can add to his moment of joyful bliss? By getting him a pair of comfortable men homes slippers, so soft, he might think he is stepping on clouds.

Dad worked hard for the Thanksgiving dinner – and for us to have everything we wished – so showing our gratitude with heavenly slippers is the least we can do.

Spoil both your parents and throw in your dad’s gift bag a fluffy, shawl collar bathrobe to make him feel like a real king of his castle. Since we are on this topic, think about pairing the mom bathrobe mentioned above with a delightful pair of slippers for women.

2. His Favorite Wine in a Dedicated Gift Box


Enjoying the holiday’s spirit together with your family means sharing a luxury glass of wine and have a good time together. Dad may want to part his wine with you or keep it for alone time moments to share it with your mom, but first, he has to have the wine.

Get his favorite wine brand or type and present the gift of vino by choosing a beautiful wine box or wine jute bag. Personalize the wine box/bag with a thoughtful message for dad, a sincere wish, or a fun quote to make him laugh.

If he is a gourmand and loves some spoiling, bring him a selection of cheeses to work wonders with the wine or a gourmet plate of artisanal desserts if dad has a sweet tooth.

3. A Cocktail Recipe Book


If your dad is the soul of the party and his favorite hobby is to entertain guests with classic cocktails or his creations, give him the opportunity to put on a show and gift him a unique cocktail recipe book for Thanksgiving or for all holidays and occasions for that matter. He will be glad and ready to show everybody what he learned.

Gifts for Other Family Members


If you go for Thanksgiving dinner at your siblings’ home or other family members, keep in mind to get the hosts some gifts you know they will enjoy:

• A gorgeous set of luxury bath towels for the family members that also need to relax and unwind after going through all the motions to throw the dinner party for the extended family;

• A gourmet basket of appetizers, cheeses, crackers, and sweets to show everybody you have their tastes in mind and are willing to surprise them;

• Board games for the kids and teenagers in the family to have some fun with during the cold season, and more.

Final Thoughts

Thanksgiving is a holiday of togetherness and sharing. Keep in mind to show your gratefulness to your parents, siblings, and other family members and make sure your hosts have the best of times. What other Thanksgiving gifts for a family do you have in mind? What presents have you offered your hosts and what ideas on this list inspired you for this year?