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Did you know that using a towel to dry your hair instead of a blow drier is the best way to prevent heat damage, frizziness, and breakage? However, there are several factors that come into play during the process and determine whether or not your locks will be happy and healthy.

These include, but are not limited to, the hair care products you use and the type of towel you choose for the job. This article is a guide towards perfectly towel dried hair containing all our best tips, tricks, recommendations and safety suggestions. Let’s begin.

How to Towel Dry Your Hair the Right Way

Step #1: Condition Your Hair

Preventing breakage while towel drying starts with the products you use when you take a shower or bath. Choose a shampoo and conditioner combo that suits your hair type, and always ensure that every follicle is properly moisturized.

While shampoo definitely matters too, conditioner is the true star of the show. Depending on your hair’s needs, several options are available.

  • Dry and dehydrated hair benefits from a high-quality leave-in formula that is specifically designed for deep conditioning. The thicker and more nourishing the balm is, the better. This will prevent frizziness and breakage, leaving the hair looking soft and shiny, yet vigorous.
  • Greasy hair with sebum buildup is better suited by a lighter conditioner that is rinsed off after a couple of minutes. Your application technique will also be important, as it is essential to avoid the roots so that there is no excess oily residue on your scalp after bathing. Focus most of the product near the tips. Hair tends to get frayed the most in that area.
  • Sensitive scalp and frail strands require special attention and care. Sulfate-free formulas are the best as far as shampoo and conditioner are concerned. Sulfates dry out the sensitive skin of the scalp and cause unnecessary flakiness and breakage.
  • Normal hair still needs to be shown some love, especially when you’re planning to towel dry your hair afterward. Use a traditional conditioner to achieve the best results.

Step #2: Use the Right Towel

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After completing the preparatory step presented above, it’s time to start actually towel drying your hair. Our first tip for this is to always apply a separate towel on your hair than the one you use for the body. In this way, you will ensure that no lingering oils or product get transferred onto your now clean locks.

It is vital that the towel you choose for the hair is as soft as possible, and doesn’t have any textures that might harm the follicles. So, what types of towels are the best for drying hair properly?

  • Turkish cotton towels are some of the best for towel dried hair due to the weaving process their fibers go through. For this reason, 100% Turkish cotton towels are thick, soft, and extremely absorbent. What is more, they serve the purpose better than Egyptian cotton towels, which tend to loosen up over time due to water retention. The fast drying variety is particularly useful to men and women with long hair, as its strands tend to collect more water.
  • Bamboo towels. When it comes to towel dried hair, bamboo towels offer the best of both worlds. They are plaited from a premium blend of 35% organic bamboo fibers and 65% Turkish cotton, thus being luxuriously soft and absorbent. They are particularly perfect when you have a sensitive scalp because their touch is gentle and mild.
  • Microfiber washcloth towels are ideal for men and women with short hair. Even though microfiber washcloths are small in size, their premium fiber blend made from 100% Turkish cotton ensures that your locks will stay protected during the drying process regardless of their length.

Step #3: Wrap Your Hair Properly

How you wrap your hair when you start the towel drying process makes all the difference in the world. Contrary to popular belief, putting your hair up in turban isn’t healthy at all. In fact, it can cause the strands to break due to being caught up and twisted in the folds of the fabric.

Thus, you should always remember to wrap your hair in the towel downwards, as if you were wearing a headkerchief. Ensure that the towel you use is large enough to cover the entirety of your tresses, so that excess water won’t drip at the bottom.

Step #4: Pat Down and Squeeze

Now that your hair is snugly wrapped inside the towel, it’s time to get down to business. Start the drying process by patting down excess moisture into the fabric with gentle, yet firm motions. This will remove most of the dampness from the follicles.

After doing this for the desired amount of time, squeeze any leftover water from your hair into the towel. Ensure that your touch is light throughout this step. Twisting the strands roughly is counterproductive and will cancel out the gentleness of your Turkish cotton, bamboo, or fiber towel.

The secret for happy and healthy towel dried hair, therefore, lies in your ability to control the pressure of your grasp. This is particularly crucial during winter when the hair and scalp dry faster due to the cold outside.

Step #5: Wash the Towel Regularly

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A final and indispensable part of the conversation on towel dried hair that many of us overlook is washing the towel after a few uses. To prevent bacteria from spreading, bath towels should ideally be washed after three uses.

If you have a habit of using your hair towel to wipe your face clean after showering as well, then consider washing or replacing it every other day. In this way, you will ensure that no unwanted germs find their way around your body.

The Bottom Line

Haircare products, soft and absorbent towels, technique, and hygiene are all essential for properly towel-dried hair. With the help of the guide above, your tresses will be shiny and bouncy every day.

So, what do you think about this method? Are you a fan? Share your experiences with us in the comments below, we’d love to read them.