Whether you want to pamper yourself with a spa day at home this summer or you pack your bags for this year’s vacation, a bathrobe to envelop your body and spoil your skin is a must-have. Today we will see together five cool bathrobes for women so you can feel like a real princess in the comfort of your home or your luxury exotic hotel room. Of course, hotels and hospitality managers, in general, should also take into account that they should offer special treats to their lady guests this season. Are you ready to indulge with these cool bathrobes? Let us begin, then!

1. Thigh Length Waffle Weave Kimono Bathrobe

It is difficult to get more summery than this: the thigh-length waffle kimono bathrobe for women, with 3/4 length sleeves, two patch pockets, double belt loops, and self-belt, works fantastic if you want to spoil yourself with a spa day at home or spend a relaxed summer afternoon on your terrace drinking ice tea and reading a good book.

Waffle bathrobes feature fabric that does not warm up the skin, as it is light and thin. However, they also sport high levels of absorbency, making them the perfect choices for home relaxation, pool days in the city, or exclusive vacations in exotic beach resorts.

Waffle bathrobes are a particular type of cool bathrobes for women all hotel managers should consider when restocking their hotel rooms: lightweight, made of high-end natural fabrics, and soft to the touch, such robes will offer an excellent surprise to all the women booking their hotel rooms for the summer. After all, SPA bathrobes make some hotels stand out from the crowd and build clientele loyalty.

Other Advantages of this Summer Cool Bathrobe

  • Affordable (for the individual wearer and hoteliers searching for wholesale offers);
  • The high-quality fabric is easy to clean, maintain, and store;
  • The bathrobe is easy to fold, pack, and carry with you on vacation.

2. 100% Cotton Kimono Robe

Cotton terry is what you want this summer if you look for cool bathrobes that pamper and protect your skin. As we all know, cotton is a highly absorbing fabric, but also lightweight, preventing summer perspiration and increased body heat.

Moreover, cotton bathrobes feel soft against the skin, being hypoallergenic as well. If you choose a 100% cotton kimono bathrobe, you can rest assured you will feel like a princess.

Another significant advantage of cotton kimono robes is that they will hold in your moisturizing treatments, lotions, and skin tonics, offering you a great sense of comfort, well-being, and happiness. This cotton bathrobe’s length is perfect for the summer, allowing you all the freedom of movement you need.

The sleeves will also offer you mobility and flexibility while you drink your cocktail by the pool or give yourself a facial treatment on a Saturday morning.

Other Advantages of this Summer Cool Bathrobe

  • Excellent choice for women with sensitive skin or dermatological problems, as cotton is a natural fabric with health benefits for the skin;
  • The bathrobe is easy to clean, dry, maintain, and store in the house or your vacation luggage; read our ultimate guide on how to wash white towels for inspiration, as many of those rules apply to white cotton bathrobes as well;
  • Excellent price (both individual pieces and bulk offers).

3. Satin Kimono Bathrobe

The ultimate expression of refinement, a satin kimono bathrobe is a dream came true for women with a particular taste for luxury and self-pampering. A white satin kimono bathrobe is everything you need to look amazing, feel like a princess, and go about your leisure time in a high-fashion manner.

With its tailored collar, a self-tie wrap belt, and an inside tie and a pocket, this satin bathrobe for the summer can turn into the perfect home outfit. If you want to treat yourself to a Spa day at home or spend a full Saturday offering yourself facial and nail treatments, a new hair color, or a few relaxing moments spend on the terrace with your favorite magazines, you cannot find better cool bathrobes than this one.

Satin bathrobes do not present high levels of absorbency, their primary purpose being to wrap your body in a layer of cool smoothness. We recommend you use a high-end plush bamboo five-stars towel to remove excess moisture after a shower or a pool session and then treat your skin with this bathrobe.

Furthermore, a satin kimono bathrobe works best with hot summer days spent at home, as the coolness of the fabric will keep your body chilled and relaxed during summer days. It will also hold the moisturizing treatments and body lotions well.

Other Advantages of this Summer Cool Bathrobe

  • If you still remember the song “Nights in white satin,” you know this bathrobe makes an extremely seductive piece of clothing;
  • Satin is easy to wash and maintain if you follow the instructions correctly;
  • Being lightweight and thin, the robe can easily find its way into your luggage if you want to take it with you on your vacation.

Other Cool Bathrobes for Summer You Could Try

While in summer we all want breathable materials, soft and thin fabrics, and as little heat as possible, it is true that when it comes to bathrobes, nothing beats the softness and cloud-like sensation we get from other robes.

We are talking about Turkish terry cloth bathrobes and cotton loop robes for SPA and hotels. Granted, such robes are thicker, heavier, and more absorbing than the cool summer bathrobes we just presented, but they do offer unparalleled comfort and pampering (even if you wear them only for a few minutes in the summer).

Such bathrobes should go into your fall/winter collection of cool bathrobes for women, as they will keep you warm and cuddly. Nevertheless, luxury 5-stars hotels will welcome you with such plushy, warm, and thick robes even if you go there for the beach and sea. If you want to recreate the luxurious feeling of an exotic villa in the comfort of your home, even during the hot summer, you can think about such bathrobes as well.

Final Thoughts

We hope you found our cool bathrobes suggestions useful for this summer season. If you love other types of summer bathrobe fabrics and models, feel free to share your preferences with us!






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