A winter wedding has something magical to it. Despite the weather, winter brides have a certain glow and a fairytale-like look that has no match. If you plan a winter wedding this season, you also have to think about the best winter bridesmaids gifts to offer to your ladies. Luckily, we have selected a list of cozy, gorgeous, and beautiful present ideas to inspire you into making the best choices. Therefore, here is our top X list of perfect winter bridesmaids gifts for 2019!

1. The Perfect Winter Bridesmaid’s Robe

You can never have too much comfort, especially in winter, when all you need is to wrap your body in layers upon layers of cloud-soft warm fabrics. For this reason, some of the best winter bridesmaids gifts this season are robes in high-end models and luxurious fabrics.

For instance, you can gift each of your friends a terry velour shawl collar robe – the epitome of winter pampering and luxury. It would make your girls’ day especially if you chose a hotel or an elegant accommodation for the ceremony or the party.

To add a personal, fun, or classy touch to the bathrobes, you can choose embroidery services to customize each robe with the bridesmaid’s name, a monogram, a cute logo, and more.

Another idea is to offer luxury satin kimono robes with embroideries should you choose so – even if it is winter. Women of all ages love silk and satin, and such a gift will make your best friends feel like princesses or genuine movie stars of Hollywood’s Golden Age.

2. Oversized Winter Scarves


Riding the trends very high, oversized luxury winter scarves – which many know as blanket scarves – are all the rage right now and some of the most versatile winter bridesmaids’ gifts.

Your girls can wear them as shawls or wraps any day during the season and even at the wedding if you are in the mood for outdoor photos.

  • If you pick such scarves for the ceremony or the party, try getting them all in a neutral color or one matching your wedding color scheme.
  • If you want your ladies to enjoy their new fashionable scarves in winter and early spring, even, take your time and select the items depending on your friends’ tastes and preferences. It may be difficult, but such an unforgettable token of appreciation for their love and support is worth your time.

3. Terry Velour Bath Wraps

In case your winter wedding plans also include a spa session before the big day together with your girls, a pool party or some sauna to treat yourselves as you deserve, then nothing works better than a handful of gorgeous, high-end terry velour bath wraps.

You can present them to your bridesmaids even if you do not plan such pampering activities as well. Make sure you add a personal touch (monogram or a cute embroidery design to mark the occasion) and offer them such incredible gifts for them to use in the comfort of their homes.

Let’s not forget you can treat yourself with such a lush item so don’t hesitate to buy one for your spa day at home.

4. The Trendiest Winter Accessories


We are not thinking about clothes, but of stylish, sophisticated winter accessories for women with a sense of style.

  • You can go the fun way, and get each of your girls a set of knitted natural wool/mohair sets, with beanie and gloves. Keep them warm and melt their hearts with their favorite winter sets by their favorite designers. The fun way also means picking up winter accessories that match a blanket scarf or a set of winter pajamas for the slumber party you will have the night before the wedding.
  • You can also go the runway-show way. It means getting them slick, smooth, and stylish leather gloves (with a soft and warm lining). You can buy the gloves according to each bridesmaid’s tastes, or you can travel the whole ten yards and pick Pantone’s Color of the Year 2019 for all of them – Living Coral (a luminous, joyful, and inspiring shade of pink), perfect for a winter wedding.

5. Throw Blankets


In winter, one cannot get enough of high quality, fluffy and elegant throw blankets. The best winter bridesmaids gifts for your friends this year, in our opinion, are the items that are always useful, thoughtful, and stylish.

A cozy throw blanket meets all these criteria and then some! You can pick them depending on each girls’ home interior design or her tastes in color schemes, patterns, and models.

Of course, you can add some embroidery to them or order them in customized prints for an impressive effect. Faux fur throw blankets are all the rage right now for the ladies loving the looks and feel of such item but who is an animal lover as well.

These timeless home accessories are perfect if you want to offer your girls future moments of exquisite comfort while they snuggle with a good book or an enthralling TV show.

6. A Tailored Goodie Basket


Do you know what goes best with winter and especially winter celebrations? Chocolate, of course! And wine, cinnamon, orange-flavored anything, vanilla, etc., you get the point.

Your “I Do Crew” will love thoughtful goodie baskets or boxes, containing their favorite sweet and salty delights, craft chocolates, and a bottle of champagne or a delicate wine. You can also pick a white wicker basket with winter decorations to follow the wintery theme.

Accompany such delicious winter bridesmaids gifts with a personalized card to express your appreciation and love. Personalize each basket with treats that match your friends’ tastes and guilty pleasures. Don’t worry, they will still fit in their dresses, and you can all have an improvised picnic party together before or after the wedding to share the goodies.

7. The Coziest Slippers of them All

You and your bridesmaids will have a ton of fun at the event, but you will also need comforting, warm, and fluffy slippers the next day, as heels tend to be unforgiving.

Get all of you a pair of the coziest winter terry velour slippers you find. They will come in handy during the preparations and leisure time before the event (matching perfectly the luxury bathrobe you already bought), but they will save you from plenty of discomforts particularly after so much dancing.


We hope you enjoyed our top seven picks for the best winter bridesmaids gifts of this season. We wish we offered you some reliable sources of inspiration. If you have more ideas or suggestions for all the winter brides out there, you are our guests to use the comment section below!