Not so long ago, we presented you with a list of bathroom housewarming gifts for men who throw parties to celebrate their new man-caves. But our readers asked us plenty of questions on housewarming gifts etiquette and gift ideas that may please any hosts. This is why, after we did our homework, we are happy to provide a guide on housewarming gifts etiquette, a refined selection of gift ideas, and some tips to make the host feel loved and appreciated.

Housewarming Gifts Etiquette: Do’s and Don’ts

When you celebrate a friend’s or family member’s new home, it is customary to bring a gift. However, do not mistake the gift with dinner accompaniment. In other words, do not bring foods or drinks and expect the host to put them on the table along the other party dishes.

    1. Generally, housewarming gifts etiquette states you should bring something new and useful for the new house – kitchenware, bathroom supplies, decorations, bedroom supplies, and so on.
    2. Wrap the gifts thoughtfully - even in a whimsical manner if the situation allows.
    3. Nevertheless, in our modern times, people focus less on helping the host arrange the house and spend less on accessories as it was customary back in the day. Nowadays, we want to make people feel good about themselves, unwind after moving in or redecorating their home, have some fun, enjoy life, etc.
    4. Many of your friends will tell you to just come to the housewarming party and have a drink and dinner without bringing gifts – but you know you should do it anyway.
    5. If you get along well with the other party guests, talk inside the group and decide who brings what. Gift coordination in close circles of people is an excellent idea to offer hosts something they would truly appreciate and use. Talk to each other about the gifts to prevent repetitions as well.
    6. When you enter the house, be discrete in offering the gift; somebody else may have come empty-handed; some people may not be as extravagant as you are in picking gifts for their friends.
    7. Your friends are in hosting mood, so do not expect or insist for them to unwrap or use the gifts right away. If the gathering is informal, the hosts may take a moment to open the presents with everyone around so you all can have some fun, but it is not your time or place to insist.
    8. If you are in a close relationship with the hosts and you sense they prepare quite a party for their guests, ask them ahead if you can contribute with something. The hosts may not expect to receive a gift at all, but in such situations, any help with party preparations is welcome.

    When you consider gifts related to the new house itself, make sure you know a few things beforehand: color schemes, themes, interior design style, hosts’ preferences, etc. It would be a shame to bring a gift that will sit hidden in a cabinet somewhere just because it is useless or does not blend in the general atmosphere of the home.

    Housewarming Gifts Etiquette: Universally Pleasing Gift Ideas

    As we said, we did our research thoroughly regarding gifts you can bring to a housewarming party that will please hosts of all types and ages. Here are some of these suggestions you can consider!

    1. A Set of Premium Turkish Cotton Towels

    We know everybody has towels in the house, but nobody has too many – especially the 5-star hotel high-end bath towels in plush bamboo. If you want to be smart about it, you can buy a set of such quality towels that match the bathroom interior design to a tee – color, model, pattern, you name it. Nevertheless, you can buy a set of cloths that match less the bathroom and more the hosts. Find out about their favorite fabrics and colors, preferred towel sizes and types, and so on. This universal gift of comfort, luxury, and pampering will never go out of fashion for housewarming parties.

    2. A Set of Bathrobes for Him and Her

    Still in the bathroom realm, if you want to surprise the hosts with an excellent present, get a fluffy, warm, and high-end bathrobe for each of them. Your friends will love the added extra-luxury in their lives and will remember you every time they wear them. This particular gift works best if you attend a housewarming party at a couple’s new home. If you celebrate a single friend’s new house, pick a Terry Velour luxury bathrobe for him (or her) that speaks of endless relaxation, spoiling, and coziness.

    3. Cheese Boards and Cheese Knives

    Such gift works for any host at any housewarming party. You can go for the rustic flair, and pick a wooden cheese board and an assorted set of knives, or walk the fancy path of silverware, glass, and handmade artistry. If the board matches the overall house décor, the hosts can use it as a part of the design.

    Moreover, the hosts can serve you some delicious appetizers on the new board (if they choose to open the presents) and use them for years on other occasions. You cannot go wrong with such a gift. If you want to up your ante, add a set of refined super-absorbent kitchen towels and maybe a small basket of gourmet cheeses to spice up the dinner.

    4. Glass Set, Stemware, and Personalized Coasters


    No matter how formal or informal is the party (or your relationship with the hosts), a luxury set of wine glasses and other stemware is the surest way to go to please anybody. People sometimes misplace or break stemware, so a new set of stemware to rely on is always useful. If you know what the hosts love to drink, accompany the wine glass set with a choice bottle of wine.

    As coasters go, it is always nice to have some around, especially if you personalize them with pictures, engravings, other types of decorations, messages, and so on.

    5. Coffee Table Books

    If your host is passionate about a particular topic or loves a well-designed living coffee table, you are in luck. Many publishing houses offer a wide selection of coffee table books – they come with excellent graphics, high-quality paper, solid binding, and overall exquisite design. You can pick books on travels, art, world curiosities, movies and music, and so on. Coffee table books are unique and show your deep understanding of your hosts’ tastes.

    Final Thoughts

    You have plenty of ways to show your gratitude towards your hosts and surprise them with thoughtful gifts. Generally, housewarming gifts etiquette requires you to bring something useful, pleasant, and memorable. You can make it through with presents that are more neutral as well, (if you are just acquaintances): superb potted plants, gourmet gift baskets, an assortment of artisan chocolates, a nice bottle of wine in a personalized wine bag/box, and more. Just offer the gift from the heart, no matter what you choose to bring!




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