Very recently, people have cultivated an interest in wearing bathrobes. Earlier, this was not the case. People got the opportunity to wear bathrobes only when they visited expensive hotels and sophisticated spas. But today, bathrobes have become a necessity. They ensure to ease the transition between nap and waking up. They are not only very useful but also offer extraordinary comfort among other significant benefits.

However, with so many options available in retail stores and online sites, it becomes challenging to pick the best out of the wholesale bathrobes. Nowadays, there are different, unique styles and designs available to appeal the rising demand of the customers. It is under these circumstances that the manufacturers have this constant urge in bringing out the best bathrobes for its clients as per their preferences and budget.

With that said, it has been lately observed that bathrobes have become quite budget friendly or affordable. Keeping in mind the current trend in the industry, a tug-of-war has been noticed between waffle robes and terry cloth robes. But, how do you choose between the two? Below are pros and cons mentioned of both the trending robes for you.


Waffle robes are made out of super high quality. Their absorbency capacity is also very satisfying. The versatile robe comes with a range of amazing colors, too. They are also durable and easy to care. Monogrammed robes in this type are highly preferred by buyers. In fact, you can create your own monogram on this type of bathrobes and make it a personalized item. A cotton bathrobe is made into the waffle design to give the wearer a sense of comfort and ease. These can be easily styled around near outdoor pools or after a shower. They come in exceptional designs and thus are favorite among buyers.


However, pure cotton robes are hypo allergic which means that they are prone to give you various skin allergies and skin irritation. Therefore, there is a high chance that waffle bathrobes might not suit your skin texture very well. Now, you don’t want to suffer from any such problems and want only a hassle free experience, right? Thus, it is advised to test the material and fabric before purchasing the product in a bulk for your clientele or family.


Choosing the right type of fabric is quite important. As it is this fabric that brushes against your skin in order to make you feel good. One of the most popular fabrics is terry cotton in the market and they come with tones of advantages. The best thing about terry cotton is that it is made out of large, long loops. Thus, they help in absorbing a good quantity of water. It is made out of 100 percent cotton only. And, cotton tends to become stronger when it is wet. The loops play the role of sponges to soak as much water as possible thus drying your skin within no time. It is the robe’s exceptional absorbency that makes it so much in demand among customers. Cleaning terry cloth robes is also very easy. These garments are also very warm and thus can be easily worn overnight while you nap. Due to these qualities, they are preferred most during winter season for cozy and comfortable experience. Moreover, the long loops can withstand pulling and twisting and thus are highly durable in the market as of now.  A good terry cloth robe is made out of thick and longer loops in order to give the wearer a feeling of extreme warmth and comfort. Some terry cloth robes are a blend of cotton and polyester.


There are high chances of terry cloth to shrink after washing. However, in most cases it does not happen.  Using detergent and bleach can actually ruin the quality of the fabric. It can certainly not withstand warm water during washing.


Industry experts have strongly affirmed that wearing terry cloth bathrobes over waffle robes is the best choice. The only reason backing this preference is the outstanding capacity of terry cloth robes to absorb maximum quantity of water within very limited time.