Have you ever been to a hotel or a spa and saw some beautifully folded towels, only to wonder who the artist behind those creations was? Folding towels is a useful skill and a gorgeous art with plenty of benefits for our homes and our businesses. If you want to learn how to fold towels to save space in your cabinets, travel in an efficient manner, impress your hotel/spa clients, or make your dinner guests smile, we have five video tutorials for you to try.

Why Video Tutorials when it comes to How to Fold Towels Tips?

The answer to this question is easy: we could describe each folding model and technique in words, but a video tutorial and images represent, in this case, learning tools that are far more efficient. You can pause, rewind, repeat, and save the videos so next time you want to fold to impress you will have these tutorials close.

Without further ado, let us see how to fold towels usefully and creatively with the help of some ingenious people!

1. How to Fold Bath, Hand & Face Towels in the Bathroom & Linen Closet

This comprehensive tutorial shows us how to fold towels for home or hotel. You can draw inspiration from the video and learn how to fold and store large bath, face towels, and hand towels for easy access and efficient storage. One of the best things about this towel-folding tutorial is that it teaches you not only how to fold towels for space, but also for beauty.

If you run a boutique hotel or a summer villa for guests and you want to impress them with your gorgeous towels displayed on floating shelves, this technique is excellent to show off your superb fluffy cotton towels as well.

If you redecorate and remodel your home and you entertain the idea of displaying your towels on floating shelves or open cabinets, these folding techniques will help you achieve a comfortable and modern bathroom design, just as you see in magazines.

2. How to Tie Towels to Impress Your Clients

You should watch this tutorial to learn three different techniques to fold and tie washcloths, bath and face towels so you can impress your hotel/villa clients. If you are a hospitality professional, you know it is the small details, comforts, luxuries, and surprises the secret ingredients making a guest return to your hotel every time.

Just as the “teacher” in this tutorial says, some techniques are more straightforward than others, but if you want to deliver spectacular and unforgettable hotel experiences, pick towels in the color of the bathroom.

Next, fold and tie the towels as you see in the video, and spice them up with small silk decorative flowers, luxurious soaps, hotel size bath salts, shower gel, shampoo, and even bath bombs, lotion, or massage oil. For an exquisite experience, add to the arrangement a matching terry cotton bathrobe and a pair of soft and pampering spa slippers.

As we said before, the way, you accessorize the bathroom is one way to offer an unforgettable experience to your clients.

The investment is affordable, and now that you know how to fold towels in three different ways, there is no stopping your hotel in becoming a staple of luxurious comfort.

3. How to Fold Towels like a Department Store

Folding towels like a department store is a very useful skill for many categories of people: those who want to keep their bathrooms and cabinets in perfect order; those who want to display their towels in an original manner in their hotels; those who want to open a store selling towels and linen, or completely revamp the hotel gift shop.

No matter your purpose, watch this tutorial, as you will learn a few tips and tricks you can teach others or use around the house or vacation rental apartment. If you are just like us, you will love to fold the towels this way for your online shop as well.

4. How to Roll Your Towels like a Spa

Ah, the simple, elegant, and ever-surprising beauty of rolled towels! You have to admit, even if you do not get a fancy design, rolled towels have a unique fancy flair you love to see in hotels and spas.

If you want our personal 2 cents on the matter, if you roll your bath towels, you will probably gain more space in your storage room or linen cabinets. However, if you remember our tutorial about how to care for your white towels, we recommended you never pile up towels upon each other to preserve their features better.

Back to rolling towels, you can practice the technique and even use some ribbons to tie around the beautiful rolls. In this way, you can display gorgeous bathroom accessories in your bathroom, at the spa, in a hotel, or a luxury rental apartment in the city.

5. How to Ranger Roll Your Towel for Travel

The army or ranger roll is a technique teaching you how to fold towels for space economy, whether you want the towel for travel or efficient home storage.

There is little difference between this rolling strategy and the usual spa-rolling technique. However, one difference is that the ranger roll offers you compact and dense towels of any dimension that can fit any travel bag or drawer. The technique is less for display as it plays on the efficiency card.

Our suggestion is to start ranger rolling smaller towels – washcloths or hand towels – and then continue with more extensive, thicker bath wraps, once your fingers have learned the moves.


The Leaf Kitchen Towel/Napkin Folding Technique


You can save this video for those fancy dinners and house parties when you want to impress your guests not only with your gourmet dishes but also with the design of the table. We are sure you know how to fold napkins in the diamond style, for instance, but folding your kitchen towels and linen in the leaf shape – it takes practice! Enjoy!

We hope you liked our tutorials on how to fold towels. Feel free to share your towel-folding techniques, tips, and tricks, while telling us which was your favorite tutorial you are going to use!



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