While we talked many times about the best towel maintenance practices, white towels need your undivided attention, especially since stains plague them with any given occasion. Whether it is hair dye, makeup, sweat, baby food, or grass stains, your white towels take quite the beating on a regular basis. Today we will present you with a guide on how to get white towels white again by tackling some of the most common and stubborn stains.

Makeup and Beauty Products

Items such as makeup, powders, lipstick, foundation, even face creams, masks, oils, hair gel, or lotions may leave difficult stains on your premium cotton white hand towels, no matter how careful you are when you use such beauty and skin care items. When it comes to cosmetics, you have two likely paths to take:

  • The fresh cosmetic/makeup stain: if the stain just occurred a few moments ago, pour some liquid detergent on the spot (do not rub!), let it soak for a few minutes, then wash the towel in the machine with hot water and liquid detergent. You can use a stain removing oxygen-based powder or liquid with the wash to make sure the stain disappears. Rinse well.
  • An old cosmetic stain: if the stain is set in, prewash the towel in a mix of powerful liquid detergent, hot water, and oxy-based stain remover product (if the stain is strongly colored or extremely greasy). Let the towel soak overnight, then put it to wash in hot water, liquid detergent, and perhaps a cap of stain removing product as well. If you still see stain traces, repeat the procedure.

Hair Dye

While women who dye their hair often keep a dedicated towel – and not a white one – but accidents happen to the best of us. If you used a cotton white face towel to clean your face but hair dye stained it, let’s learn what you can do:

  • If the hair dye is soluble in water, wash it while it is still fresh with baby shampoo or your shampoo – rub it and rinse it until it goes away.
  • If the stain does not readily dissolve in water, soak the towel in hot water and liquid detergent, then wash the towel with hot water in the machine;
  • If the stain is resilient, soak the towel in a gallon of warm water mixed with white vinegar and detergent (two cups of each), rinse, and wash it in the machine with hot

Generally, white vinegar is your handiest and cheapest solution for stain removal. You can use it when you wash towels in general – as it removes dirt, grime, fabric softener residue, and sweat. It also brightens up the towels’ colors without needing an extra softener to the load.


As we said, accidents occur all the time, especially in households with large families, children, and pets.

  • Fresh blood stains from cotton towels disappear with the help of cold water – allow the stain to dissipate, and then wash the towels as you usually
  • Old bloodstains disappear if you add a cleaning agent based on enzymes to a gallon of cold water. Let the stain loosen up and wash the towel as you regularly do. If the problem persists, repeat the procedure.

Perspiration and Body Oils

As much as we wish to keep our premium towels fresh, we need them to clean and dry our bodies. Perspiration and natural body oils, even after we took a post-gym shower – can still leave stains and grime.

One of the best tips on how to get white towels white again is to apply white vinegar on the older stains.

For fresh stains, use ammonia. In both cases, let the product set in (vinegar or ammonia, it is up to you and the age of the stain), rinse, use a soap bar or liquid detergent to clean the stain, and take the towel through a hot water wash cycle. If the stains are stubborn, repeat the process and add a cap of enzyme-based cleaning product in the hot water wash cycle.

Food, Drinks, and Baby Formula

When it comes to baby towels and washcloths, nothing is safe from stains. Children’s towels need special care because you want to keep the little ones safe. However, adults can also accidentally stain their beautiful white cloths with food and drink drops, besides having to always keep an eye on baby formula. Here are some suggestions:

  • Fresh drink stains (tea, wine, coffee, soda, fruit juices) – sponge the white towel with cold water; use a few drops of liquid detergent or a mix of water and powder detergent. Then, put the towels to wash in hot water with oxygen removing products.
  • Old drink stains – prewash the spot in a mix of cold water and an enzyme product; let the stain soak well, then wash usually.
  • Foods and baby formula – soak the stains (old and new) for about an hour in a mix of hot water and enzyme product (to break the oils), then wash it in the machine.
  • If you have to deal with a fresh food stain on a white towel (or washcloths), sprinkle powdered sugar on the stain for absorbency, then wash as you usually do.


While toothpaste is soluble in water and such a stain should disappear during a normal wash cycle, you may need to tackle dry, difficult toothpaste stains as well. To get rid of them, pretreat the stain with a stain-removing product before you put the face or bath mats to wash in the machine.

Nail Polish

If a nail polish bottle flips over on your white towel or you stain the sleeves of your white cotton bathrobe with nail polish during a manicure at home, you can use nail polish remover – only if the fabric allows such treatment. You can dab the stain with a makeup remover disk soaked in nail polish remover until the stain goes away.

Mud and Grass

Sometimes, the little ones deal with mud and grass stains using the family’s white towels premium set to directly remove the dirt from their hands, faces, and bodies. No matter how much soap they use when they clean up, your towels will stand witness of their deeds.

Such stains are pesky. Presoak the towels in liquid detergent and use a cleaner with enzymes for about an hour. A baking soda and water paste may also do the trick. After this treatment, wash the white towels in the machine in hot water, liquid detergent, and a cap of enzyme cleaner.

Mold and Mildew

Last on our list of tips and tricks on how to get white towels white again and remove stains from your life, mold, and mildew on your plush bamboo bath towels are likely problems you will face at some point. If you want to remove such issues, use hot water and an enzyme product.

For a long-term effect – and as a prevention method – make sure you use vinegar in the washing machine once in a while.

Final Thoughts

Do you have other tricks up your sleeve when it comes to how to get white towels white again and remove usual, daily stains? If you do, don’t be shy to share them with our community so everybody can enjoy premium white towels with full peace of mind!