how to have a spa day at home

Do you ever wish to elope to an exotic retreat for some relaxation, self-pampering, and lots of fun? If you daydream of a day at the spa to get things off of your mind and spoil your body and soul, the good news is that you can do it at home. Not all of us have the time, money, or mobility to take a spa vacation whenever we want, so creating a spa day at home is the next best thing. In fact, it may be an amazing idea, as you can add to the experience everything that makes you happy at negligible prices and no effort at all. Today, we will offer you the complete guide on how to have a spa day at home.

1. Make sure Nobody Disrupts You

If you live alone and want to turn a weekend day into your spa day things will run smoothly. However, if you do not, ask your family or roommates to give you the privilege of having at least half a Saturday all alone in the house.

2. Gather your Spa Day Supplies and Accessories

This is the point where you can get as creative as you can and even add a few spoils you do not find in regular spas. Since this is your day of ultimate relaxation and happiness, the supplies need to be of high quality and meeting all your needs:

  •         Candles or scented candles for light and mood;
  •         Your favorite relaxing essential oil and diffuser if you do not opt for already scented candles; lavender, eucalyptus or citrus scents go great with a spa day;
  •         Have the fluffiest terry velour slippers close by to get that sense of luxurious pampering you find in professional spas.
  •         Get a special soft and comforting bath wrap to make your spa day at home become even better than at the spa downtown;
  •         Do not forget about your favorite bathrobe in a sublime skin-loving fabric to stay cozy all day long;
  •         Gather the ingredients for your spa treatment; Epsom salt is a great beginning for your skin and your overall sense of relaxation and wellbeing, but you can also add fruits (lemons, berries, peaches etc.), fresh herbs (mint and basil work great), and cucumber.
  •         Gather the ingredients for a face mask that match your skin type; honey, yogurt, coconut, jojoba, and olive oil work great, cucumber slices, and more.

If you want to spice things up, you can also get flower petals (roses are excellent for a spa day) or small flower bouquets to set the scene and the scents. If you want to get a high-end treatment, you can have some cosmetic chocolate at hand for a body treatment as well.

3. Set the Mood

spa day at home

Now that you have all the ingredients, turn the light off and lit the candles in the bathroom. Bring in your favorite soft, relaxing music (a phone playlist will do the trick) and prepare a nice warm bath. You can use bath salts or treat the water with essential oils and fruit slices to give your skin the treat of a lifetime.

  •         In order to make all things run smoothly, prepare in advance some treatments and keep them close: face exfoliator and mask, body scrub and treatment, foot scrub, and even a hair mask.

4. Soak Well and Let Your Mind Wander

Now that your bath is ready, soak well to allow the vapors, essential oils, and natural fruit acids, vitamins, and scents dilate your pores and soften your skin. The atmosphere invites you to relax and forget about everything. The music, scents, and warmth contribute to your happy state of mind.

5. Give Yourself a Facial Treatment

After you soaked for a good while reaching a state of inner peace, use the homemade face exfoliator to remove the oils and dead skin cells from your face.

6. Treat Your Hair, Body, and Feet

A hair mask while you still enjoy the warmth of the bath will do you wonders. Just remember to rinse your hair and your body well when the bathtub water is cooler than you prefer.

7. Treat Your Body

After a nice soak, your body is thirsty for nourishment and luxurious pampering. Use natural products to give yourself a treat: coconut oil, shea butter, cocoa butter – the treatment is up to you depending on your skin type and your skin needs.

8. Mani-Pedi

Now that you feel cozy and warm in your bathrobe, you need a post-spa special treatment. A thorough manicure and pedicure will make your day, especially since they have the power of boosting any woman’s mood, self-confidence, and sense of fun. Play your favorite music, pick your craziest nail polish, and do not forget to hydrate your hands and feet with special lotions or creams.

  •         One of the best things one can get in life is a foot massage. You can use a special foot massage device to pamper your tired feet, or you can massage your feet with a few drops of peppermint/eucalyptus oil. These oils will do wonders.
  •         Allow your nail polish to dry while you enjoy a fresh and delicious cocktail to feel like a veritable superstar.

9. Enjoy Yourself!

You may want to use the facemask while in the bathroom or right after you finished with the detox and skin care treatment. If you want to offer yourself a long, pampering skin treatment after you finished with your hair and manicure/pedicure session, remember you will have to wait for around 20-30 minutes for the mask or treatment to show effects. In that meantime, you can lie down for a short meditation session or you can read your favorite book/magazine.


When it comes to your own spa day, you can also treat yourself with a delicious, luxurious brunch, some chocolates, or your favorite fruit salad. A glass of wine or a fancy cocktail (but not during the hot bath session!), some guilty pleasure music, your favorite TV show (while your nail polish dries and your face mask makes you look five years younger), or a funny phone conversation with your best friend are all excellent ingredients only you can add to the experience.

If you have a full day all by yourself, spend the rest of it relaxing, sleeping, reading, and doing everything that makes you happy. Some relaxation yoga also does wonders for the body and mind.