The most wonderful time of the year is right around the corner. Since the Christmas holidays mean rest, peace, relaxation, and plenty of Christmas movies to (re)watch, today we thought to change perspective a little and have some fun. Movies represent a massive part of our lives, and during the winter vacation, all networks race with each other to offer us the finest entertainment possible. But have you ever thought about films showing some iconic movie bathrobes, styles, and famous wearers?

We did! In the spirit of spending the Christmas time off in our bathrobes watching classic seasonal movies and other undying works, today we will present you with our top pics of 7 iconic movie bathrobes!

1. Donna Reed in It’s a Wonderful Life


This one is THE Christmas family movie we all loved and adore (re)watching. Besides the compelling story, the refined humor, and the heartwarming humanity of its message, It’s a wonderful life (1946) is a masterpiece when it comes to acting.

Considered still one of the most significant silver screen productions ever made, It’s a wonderful life benefits fully from the talent of its stars – James Stewart, Donna Reed, and Henry Travers to name a few. However, concerning iconic movie bathrobes, few things compare with Donna Reed’s slouchy and comfortable fleece bathrobe she wears with the nonchalance of a Golden Age Hollywood diva.

If she were to follow today’s fashion while preserving her movie tastes, Donna would wear today a super soft fleece bathrobe in a comfortable design.

2. Kevin McCallister in Home Alone

You have to admit; there is no good Christmas holiday without a rerun of Home Alone (1990) and a return to innocence. Kevin McCallister had some of the best moments and scenes in movie history in this production, but since we are here to talk about iconic movie bathrobes, we have to refer to the famous hug scene between him and his mother.

Kevin wears a dark green bathrobe over his red pajama, proudly displaying Christmas colors and a keen sense of fashion. More than that, however, the scene is heartwarming and yet very fun to watch, revealing a small part of Kevin’s personality and the relationship with his family.

In case your child also has a taste for bathrobes, you can pick one from our kids’ bathrobes collection this year. Look closely, as there is a green one as well around there!

3. Ferris Bueller in Ferris Bueller's Day Off


What do you think about the first when you hear the words iconic movie bathrobes? Ferris Bueller or The Dude? Well, we have both of them right here, but we have to admit: when it comes to Christmas resting and movie binging, nothing works better than this 1986 Golden Globe-nominated timeless comedy.

Ferris Bueller spends a large part of his day off from school in a bathrobe that has no match in the history of film. With its striking colored stripes and the confidence it lends to its wearer, the robe is now an iconic cinema element in and out of itself.

One of the best scenes is of Ferris enjoying his time off while having a phone conversation and enjoying an orange fresh and the paper. Do you know how famous and emblematic this bathrobe was?

Do you know who also wore a similar robe as a tribute to Ferris Bueller's Day Off?

Deadpool, of course!


In the post-credit scene of Deadpool 1, the Merc with a Mouth casually strolls about his apartment dressed up as Ferris Beuller. When Mr. Pool is wearing your bathrobe as a token of appreciation, you know you hit it big in the history of cinema.

4. The Dude in The Big Lebowski


The Dude is a perfect example that bathrobes are universal garments you can wear everywhere and with everything. Well, these days, if you buy dairy in your shorts and a slouchy bathrobe of indefinite color you may catch a ride to the looney bin, but the confidence, the style, and humor of Jeff Bridges turned The Dude (and his bathrobe) in a classic character.

The bathrobe is perfect in this movie, although you will never see anyone wearing such a thing inside the house, let alone around the neighborhood.

However, with a score over 8.1 stars on IMDB, awards, and nominations under its belt, and a character so powerful it turned into a cult-classic character, The Big Lebowski is a movie you just have to see for some holiday fun.

The bathrobe remains to this day an instantly recognizable movie element.

5. Vivian Rutledge in The Big Sleep


They don’t make women or satin robes like that anymore you will hear some people say – and with some good reason. The Big Sleep is a masterpiece of writing, owing to its fame to author Raymond Chandler, who gave life to iconic private detective Philip Marlowe.

The movie (1946), on the other hand, allowed Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall to dedicate themselves fully to their parts, thus creating a timeless piece of cinema. This noir/mystery drama comes with fantastic atmosphere, acting, interiors, and dialogues. But who can forget Lauren Bacall’s iconic personality, style, and grace?

Playing the seductive and powerful Vivian, Lauren astounded everybody with her silk robe, a garment to wear inside the house to feature your beauty and to sweep private eyes off their feet. In today’s times, Vivian Rutledge would probably wear a satin robe inside the house, but we have to admit that loungewear fashion in the forties is unparalleled.

One of the greatest movie bathrobes (although the word bathrobe does not do justice to this amazing garment), it could not have had a better wearer than Lauren Bacall.

6. Tyler Durden in Fight Club


The year 1999 came with one of the best movies ever made, two of the best performances ever given, and one of the most iconic movie bathrobes of all times: Tyler Durden’s coffee mugs bathrobe.

While we do not usually associate men with printed pink bathrobes, it fit the character of Tyler and the figure of Brad Pitt to a tee. Let’s face it, you need to be a special type of man with a very particular personality to rock a pink bathrobe and give a jaw-dropping performance in it.

Pitt’s devil-may-care character Tyler is unforgettable, to say the least. The bathrobe, on the other hand, made things even crazier than they were – if that was possible – making director David Fincher’s creation the best artwork of the nineties.

7. BONUS: Lorelai and Emily Gilmore in The Gilmore Girls


We know we said we would show you some iconic movie bathrobes, but there is not a better time than Christmas to binge watch the Gilmore Girls. One of the best episodes and scenes is when Lorelai leads her mother into one of her crazy ideas and adventures.

The two end up having a fun time together and bonding, after they steal the robes at the spa. While we do not condone stealing – although bathrobes make the second most stolen items in hotel rooms – spending a day with your mom and (re)discovering each other is a worthy cause.

If Lorelai’s mischiefs give you some ideas, you can always get your hands on one of our terry cotton kimono bathrobes and hit the spa during the holidays. Or stay at home with a facial mask, a cup of hot cocoa, and the remote close.


We hope these cult-classic artworks and their iconic movie bathrobes and characters compel you to spend a relaxed holiday in your robe of choice having fun, watching films with your family and friends, and enjoying your time off. After all, it is a wonderful life to share with your loved ones!