luxury dressing gowns worn by celebrities

Celebrities are people just like us and they wear robes and gowns just like us. Either in their personal life or on set, many celebrities feature amazing luxury dressing gowns and bathrobes (some of them in the street as well). If you are looking for inspiration for your next high-end robe, here are seven luxury dressing gowns we saw celebrities wearing!

1. Tyler Durden’s Girly Lilac Bathrobe

brab pitt fight club bathrobe

We do not know what Brad Pitt likes to wear after going out of the shower or when lounging around the house, but he surely made an impression in Fight Club! As you remember, Tyler Durden wore a lady’s plush lilac bathrobe in a soft, cozy fabric, brilliantly tufted with colorful mugs of steaming coffee.

Since men do not usually wear women’s dressing gowns or robes, we recommend women to look for a soft luxurious cotton velour shawl collar robe to pamper themselves no matter the season. Made of 100% cotton, triple sheared, luxurious terry velour fabric and featuring a double layer shawl, long sleeves, and roll-up cuffs, such a bathrobe would make even Tyler jealous.

2. Carla Delavigne’s Royal Blue Pose

carla delavigne wearing navy blue bathrobe

As we said, celebrities are people just like us and they want the same level of comfort and self-indulgence just like us. Photographers caught Carla Delavigne wearing a brilliant royal blue soft terry cloth kimono robe in a relaxed day spent around the house and we admit she looks amazing.

Imagine that you need only a 100% cotton terry kimono with double stitching, two patch pockets, single belt loops and a self-fabric belt to look and feel like a superstar.

3. The Dude’s Robe

the dude bathrobe from Big Lebowski

At some point in time, the world lost the capacity to distinguish between Jeff Bridges the person and Jeff Bridges the Dude, but one thing is certain: the man can truly wear a dressing gown!

A staple now for an entire generation, the Dude’s robe was not one of those luxury dressing gowns you saw in other movies, but if you feel both whimsical and cool deep down inside we have a recommendation: a mid-calf length waffle weave kimono robe you can wear over your favorite pajama or loungewear.

Granted, the robe will make you look more like Tony Stark than Big Lebowski, but you get the idea: a lightweight dressing gown that looks amazing while making you feel completely relaxed in the comfort of your man-lair while you read your newspaper and have your coffee in the morning.

However, we do not recommend you go out shopping while wearing the gown (because Scarlett Johansson beat you to it).

4. Zebra on the Street

Scarlett Johansson wearing a zebra print bathrobe

Speaking of going out and Scarlett Johansson, we do not know the full story behind this photo and we are not sure we want to find it out. However, dear Miss Scarlett went out for coffee and a snack wearing a zebra printed bathrobe.

Now, since we involved zebras in the story, we already mentioned that luxury hotels like Hotel Palomar in Washington, D.C. and Ink48 Hotel in New York City offer their guests cotton and terry bathrobes featuring wild and fierce animal prints (with zebras and leopards being the highlight of this year’s fashion trends).

Did Miss Scarlett just left such a hotel wearing the zebra bathrobe? Is she wearing an animal print terry bathrobe as street wear? We understand the fluffy slippers, but what is with the hat?

Some questions are probably better left unanswered, but one thing is certain: Scarlett Johansson has impeccable taste in bathrobes and dressing gowns.

5. Drake and the Designer Gown

Drake wearing Versace robe

When it comes to impeccable tastes in the field of luxury dressing gowns, you can always count on Drake to make an impression. This famous stud with his foamy cocktail, the ocean background, and the embroidered designer gown is the poster boy of how luxury vacations should look like.

What Drake is wearing is, in fact, a luxurious 100% cotton velour shawl collar bathrobe in black, with baroque golden embroidery on the sleeves and pockets. If you travel to some hotels in Dubai, you may find such dressing gowns in your suite.

However, if a celebrity wears a certain piece of high-end loungewear, it does not mean you cannot follow the example – embroidery is the easiest thing in the world if you choose your bathrobe manufacturer wisely.

6. Gorgeous George’s Gear

George Clooney wearing white bathrobe and scuba gear

The true elegance and beauty resides in simplicity some fashion experts say, and George Clooney proves the theory is true. This poolside photo displays the superstar wearing one of the simplest spa bathrobes in the luxury dressing gowns department: the cotton waffle bathrobe to make you and feel like the most revered guest of a premium hotel.

The most amazing fact about Gorgeous George is that he does not seem to be the snobbish type of guy who would wear only luxury dressing gowns around the house, but comfortable, down-to-earth, high-quality, “keep calm and binge watch movies” type of robes and gowns. If you add your scuba diving gear to your bathrobe, you know Clooney has nothing on you!

7. Girl’s Next Door Robe

Megan Fox wearing white bathrobe

Do you know what other celebrity looks just like a human being while wearing a bathrobe (although she is one amazing super star?) Megan Fox! Caught on camera wearing a simple white terry velour robe, Megan looks as happy as one can be. What we love most about this picture is that it seems that Megan knows such a luxury dressing gown is a shining example of classic comfort and style all in one loungewear piece.

Sometimes you do not need labels and golden threads to feel like a superstar. All it takes can be as simple as 100% triple sheared cotton for the softest luxury. Megan knows this and you should find out soon, as you need to self-pamper and offer yourself a lavish treat!


These were our seven examples of luxury dressing gowns worn by celebrities! Which one is your favorite? Which one inspires you the most to go shopping for high-end bathrobes and loungewear?