During the cold season, all we want when we are at home is to sip a cup of hot beverage and wear comfortable, cozy clothes. Long gone are the days of slouchy oversized t-shirts you keep in the back of your drawers; similarly, long gone are the days of old sweatshirts and baggy pants looking more like pajamas than casual clothes.

These days, if you want to answer the question what is loungewear, the answer is as follows: a collection of “hang around the house” clothes with a sparkle of fashion. Today we will focus more on what is loungewear, what garments qualify as such, and what separate pieces you can wear at home to look and feel great!

The Difference between Loungewear and Sleepwear

Many consider sleepwear a generous collection of ready-for-bed garments that feature a handful of staples: trouser-style bottoms with elastics or drawstrings, blousy and slouchy nightshirts, your selection of Coco Chanel-inspired silk pajamas, notch collars, fun, and whimsical patterns and colors, and designs that fit comfortably. You will also find sleepwear in comfortable materials, such as cotton or organic cotton, fleece, flannel, or silk/satin.

What is Loungewear Then?

In comparison to sleepwear, you use loungewear pieces at home – in between your street clothes and your pajamas – when you want to spend a relaxed after-work but a pre-sleep evening in a fashionable manner. Moreover, loungewear is the uniform of stylish weekends.

In the last years, society changed and opened new doors in fashion and dressing up necessity. Many women are freelancers and work from home most days of the week. Some are entrepreneurs through-and-through who run their businesses from home while seeing a lot of people in their living rooms every day. What do these women wear?

In the first category of loungewear fall all the clothes that make you feel comfortable and pampered, keep you warm, offer you the freedom to work or do house chores, read a book on the sofa, or use your computer to work on your projects. The most fashionable and comfortable pieces in this category are:

  1. Terry kimono bathrobes for the fall-winter season: if you do not plan to go out today or welcome guests or business clients at home, you can always wear women’s’ favorite loungewear piece: a stylishly fitted terry kimono bathrobe. Bathrobes are no longer the expression of the old housewife. On the contrary, the new models, fabrics, and styles make these pieces the perfect loungewear examples – versatile, comfortable, easy to wear, they keep you happy, warm, and relaxed no matter how hard today’s freelance project is.
  2. Coordinated separates (you do not feel like taking out of the house to run errands): leggings, baggy pants, oversized tees, tanks, and oversized sweaters.
  3. When it comes to “home alone” loungewear, you can also pick a comfortable pair of plushy spa slippers to make you feel at home.
  4. For hot summer days, you can always go for a feminine and sophisticated satin robe that makes you feel like the queen of your castle without interfering with your daily activities.
  5. Whenever you feel like spending a day at home mixing business activities, personal projects, and sweet moments of easing, you can go for a slim, slick, and fit thigh-long waffle weave kimono robe – an excellent warm season choice for active women.

In the second category of loungewear, we have the “active woman” type of homey pieces. Such pieces are the panache of dynamic women who want to look stylish even if they stay at home during the week or weekends. If you are the type of freelancer or businesswoman who welcomes guests on a daily basis, you need to pump of the volume and create a loungewear wardrobe containing:

  1. Cropped trousers, a comfortable knit, and house sneakers;
  2. A home gown in a skin pampering fabric, such as fleece or soft knit;
  3. A throwback hoodie and vintage jeans;
  4. A tee, jacket, pants, or capris you can mix and match upon your tastes and moods;
  5. Tracksuits and stylish onesies (denim for instance).

What is Loungewear: Colors, Styles, and Sizes

If you follow fashion week shows and read the trend-centric magazines, you know big designer labels focus on loungewear these days, promoting a new wave of comfort and feminine, luxurious coziness. Designers all agree upon a few critical features of excellent loungewear pieces:

  1. Your garments should be easily pull-on or smoothly wrap-around;
  2. They should allow you to feel fresh and fashionable while they permit you to unwind;
  3. Real comfort is the ultimate expression of luxury, so you should go for high-end fabrics: blends containing high levels of luxury cotton, cashmere, plush bamboo, terry velour, silk/satin, fleece, etc.;
  4. Loose but fitted casual suits you can wear around the house or take out for gym class, grocery shopping, or a quick drive to meet a client;
  5. Some experts say that the “boyfriend” style with a feminine touch is all the rage right now: a man’s t-shirt, sweatshirt, or hoodie paired with a pair of comfy cropped Victoria Beckham-style trousers will make you look like you have been riding the loungewear trend since its beginning.
  6. There is a method to the masculine look madness, however. Specialists say you should always pick a piece that is one size more than what you usually Slouchy styles offer you more comfort and a more casual look than clothes clinging too tightly onto your body (you probably keep those for street and office wear), giving you that homey feel you look for when you spend a quiet day at home.

What should you avoid when picking new loungewear pieces?

Whether you pick loungewear for you alone days at home or casual-business days at your home office, you should go for solid colors in neutral shades and mix them accordingly. Grey, black, blue, cream, whites, and toned-down fashionable nuances such as deep green or light blue work just fine.

You should also avoid embellishments, all things glittery and sparkly, applications, and styles that make you look you are about to go to the club. Remember that some loungewear pieces work equally fine at home or in the street. While nobody says you should wear the bathrobe and spa slippers to go grocery shopping, you should consider casual loungewear as more comfortable casual-street wear.

Final Thoughts

Now that we learned what is loungewear, it is time for you to tell us what your favorite loungewear pieces are! Do you prefer sporting a comfy terry shawl collar bathrobe and slippers when you work from home or relax during weekends, or are you more a Victoria B type of girl and pick an outfit that inclines more toward casual street-chic attire?