When your everyday fabrics and linen get into a sad condition, your first idea is to repurpose them or donate them to someone in need. However, our used towels can still serve some purposes around the house. If you ever wondered what to do with old towels that you want to replace with newer, fluffier ones, we have no less than six reuse, recycle, and repurpose ideas. You may need the full used towel or just a part of it – it matters less. Pay attention to these guidelines and have some fun with your creative projects!

1. Dishtowels


The easiest way to answer to the “what to do with old towels” question regarding recycling and repurposing is dishtowels. Your bath towels may not be as useful to dry you as they were a while ago, but they may be able to wipe your cookware and dishes with no problems. After all, you always need an extra hand around the kitchen, don’t you?

    1. Cut your old hand towels or bath towels into dish towel or kitchen towel size;
    2. Hem the edges properly and revamp the looks and the functionality of your kitchen in no time!

    You can proceed in the same manner if you want to make some new washcloths as well.


    2. A Handy Hanging Toiletries Organizer


    You can repurpose a sizeable hand towel or bath wrap into your new favorite hanging toiletries rack and organizer. You will need a sewing machine for this project – you need to make sure the weight of the products does not ruin the hand-sewn hems.

    Take your sizeable old towel, cut a square (or rectangular) piece, and use the machine to make hems on all sides. Now the fun part begins:

      1. Measure the toiletries you want to store in the towel organizer on width and depth – they need to fit inside the pockets that you will soon make;
      2. Use your scissors to cut other pieces of the towel according to the toiletries’ sizes (square or rectangular) and make hems for each of them on all sides;
      3. Place the smaller pieces against the large piece described above and design the organizer and use the sewing machine to piece together the pockets;
      4. Use a string or a bow of your liking and sew it for the hanging purposes;
      5. Hang the new towel organizer on your bathroom door (or on the side of your cabinets) for storage and easy access to your most used (or less used) toiletries.

      It is an engaging DIY project answering the need of repurposing old towels. You can also engage the kids in this adventure. This way, they will also learn what to do with old towels and maybe come up with ideas of their own.

      3. Chic Bathroom Mat

      This DIY project needs your time and sewing skills, but the result is amazing! Do not give a second thought about what to do with old towels, because the answer is right here! Since this particular tutorial might take up some space, we invite you to watch the video below for a streamlined, coherent strategy to follow.

      If you manage to create a mat or two out of your old hand towels, you can use them in other parts of the house and for other purposes besides the bathroom:

        1. Stack two such round chic bath mats, sew them together, and offer your pet the coziest bed and resting place it has ever had;
        2. Create a fancy bathroom mat out of white hand towels for your master bathroom, but use colored used towels to make a cute mat for your hallway.

        4. Dog Braided Chew Toy


        Pet lovers know that some dogs would rather chew on knotty fabrics than on rubber or plastic toys. If your dog goes through the store-bought playing and chewing ropes as if they were juicy chicken dinner, you may need a backup plan.

          1. Get your old towels out and cut them in strips – just as you saw on the bath mat video;
          2. Braid the towel strips into thick, short ropes, and knot the ends; make the braids from differently colored towel strips to keep things interesting;
          3. For larger dogs, you might want to make more resistant chew and play toys, so you should also spiral the strips before braiding them;
          4. Smaller dogs can do just fine with such DIY chew toys made from old t-shirts, sheets, or flannel clothes you do not wear anymore.

          5. Must-Have Beach / Road Trip Blanket


          So far, we saw a few fun ways to repurpose and reuse one or two old towels. However, what solutions do you employ when you have ten old towels of different sizes and colors that you want to replace with a new collection of luxury 5-star towel set? Do you want to know what to do with old towels when they are many? Nothing more straightforward: you make the most lovely and whimsical beach/picnic blanket in existence.

            1. Take your old towels and cut them to fit each other’s size and shape, then sew them next to each other until you obtain a colorful and sizeable towel blanket to use to the beach; the more color, the more fun!
            2. If you add a vinyl tablecloth on the back, you will not have a double-side beach blanket, but an absolute dominion, as the vinyl blocks the sand. This combination works great if you want a road trip/picnic blanket as well: the vinyl protects you from the moisture of the soil and grass; if you turn the blanket you will also have a tablecloth to work with you during road or camping trips.

              6. Double Beach Bag / Beach Towel


              We know you love all those colorful beach bags and beach towels but how about having 2-in-1? This tutorial is a bit complicated as well, and we would take too much space with words. Let’s watch together the video and follow the guidelines to achieve the hottest beach-towel-turning-bag of the year!


              We hope we answered satisfactorily to the question of what to do with old towels. Of course, these ideas and tips were just the tips of the iceberg, as you can make plenty of other interesting things out of used towels. If you want more crafty ideas and suggestions, feel free to tell us, and we will do our best to boost your imagination with even more fun tutorials!



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