what to sell in a hotel gift shop best ideas

Hotel gifts shops got a bad reputation as of late. Some hotels crowd the shops with stuff few people buy while others practice exclusivist prices. In a shop full of tacky trinkets, generic souvenirs, expensive snacks, there is no wonder hotels capitalize less and less from these shops. Today we will share some ideas on what to sell in a hotel gift shop to offer your customers an unforgettable experience and the personalized engagement they need.

Understanding What Your Clients Want and Need is Mandatory

You may know your clientele very well. You may have decided long ago that your visitors want some snacks during the stay and some postcards to take home when vacation is over. However, times and people change. If you intend to offer them an engaging atmosphere, top-notch services, a memorable experience and the will to come back or promote your hotel, you need to know them more in-depth.

Do you know what to sell in your hotel gift shop? Experts say to focus on three main categories of gifts!

1. Comfort Gifts

Some guests will buy such items because they forgot/left their own at home, while others will buy them only because they experienced them during their stay and wanted some to call their own. Instead of going with the used towels or bathrobes, why couldn’t they buy the same quality new products from the gift shop?

Comfort items are some of the most stolen things in hotel rooms. You can prevent such a phenomenon by selling such items in the hotel gift shop. Instead of leaving with some damp towel or used slippers, guest can buy new ones for them and their loved ones at home!

1. Terry Velour Bath Wraps

bath wraps hotel gift shop

If you want your guests to have a luxurious experience in your hotel, you probably know that plushy, high-end bath towels represent a sure-fire way to win their hearts and loyalty to your brand.

Your guests will enjoy finding in the gift shop fluffy high-quality towel sets and especially spa-style terry velour bath wraps, especially if the hotel or resort prides itself with its spa and wellness center, pool, aqua park, or sauna services.

2. Fuzzy Slippers

fuzzy slippers hotel gift shop

Many people forget their slippers at home or leave them, knowing they will find at least some standard and generic slippers in the hotel room. You should take things up a notch, however. You can offer your hotel guests branded terry velour slippers in your gift shop – the luxurious, pampering, and comfortable ones that look and feel like summer clouds – with your logo or peoples’ monograms should they require such service.

3. Bathrobes for Everyone

bathrobes hotel gift shop

You may not have a bathrobe for each guest in every room – a reason more to offer them in your gift shop. What greater feeling of comfort and relaxation than wrapping yourself in a warm or soothing bathrobe?

Bathrobes come in luxurious fabrics and even exclusivist models. If you want to make the stay memorable for your guests, you should also consider some extra benefits:

    1. Allow the guests to order monograms, logos, or messages on the bathrobes you sell in the gift shop and have them embroidered, wrapped, and ready for when the guests leave;
    2. Offer personalized bathrobe sets for newlyweds and the entire wedding party if necessary (with monograms or embroidered logos/messages); in wedding/honeymoon season, such gifts will work wonders for the couples and their guests if you make the effort of personalizing the items and wrapping them beautifully;
    3. Have some bathrobes for kids around the gift shop; if your resort/hotel represents a haven for family vacations, having kids’ bathrobes for sale in the gift shop will make everybody happy. Hotels do not usually provide hotel bathrooms with kids’ robes, so offering guests the choice of buying some will be beneficial and fun for all parties.

      4. Personalized Towel Sets

      towel sets

      Beach/pool towel sets go great for summer holidays – everyone will want a spare one – or for the wedding season, as monogrammed and embroidered beach towels make sweet memories for couples in their honeymoon (and great presents for all the wedding guests).

      2. Gourmet Gifts

      gourmet basket


      When managers wonder what to sell in a hotel gift shop to shake off boredom and offer their guests unique holiday experiences, snacks come to mind. However, you need to make a clear distinction between generic mini-bar/supermarket snacks and gourmet delights they will want to buy for themselves or take home with them to prolong the vacation atmosphere a bit longer. Here are some ideas you can use for inspiration:

          1. Specific gourmet snacks, foods, and sweets that are traditional or unique to your area;
          2. Homemade delights to promote local businesses and shops and offer guests an exclusivist boutique experience;
          3. Organic treats those who prefer this type of approach to food and life (but you have to know your clientele well);
          4. Gourmet food baskets for guests to enjoy on the beach/at a picnic; gourmet delights also make excellent gifts to take home to family or friends;
          5. Healthy snacks for the kids if your best feature is family-oriented fun.

              If you want your guests to enjoy such gourmet products while they stay at your hotel, make sure you have fresh and varied offers; you can also pamper them by allowing them to preorder homemade snacks, foods, and desserts. In case you sell gourmet food as “souvenir,” do not neglect free wrapping services, they are always a winner and a proof of mindfulness towards clients.

              3. Reading, Fun, and Entertainment Gifts

              books games


              While boasting about exclusivist pools and wellness centers, sports, activities, restaurants, clubs, and even guided tours, many hotels forget that sometimes, the best form of holiday entertainment is to read a book while enjoying some fresh air.

              Moreover, for groups of friends enjoying their vacation, some forms of entertainment may not be scuba diving, but playing a board game or organize a chess tournament on the terrace.

              Travelers do not usually take with them trunks full of books, games, DVDs, and so on, so if you ever wondered what to sell in a hotel gift shop to spice things up and appeal to the young guests, now you have your answer.

              It is true that holidays mean sightseeing and making the best of what the resort/destination needs to offer, but some mornings and some afternoons only require smart challenges, some laughs, and some snacks.

              Keep around your gift shop some famous games, card games, board games, DVDs, and more – they will undoubtedly appeal to the young but not (always) the wild. If you extend this vision, you might win over the families as well, as the parents traveling with kids will never say no to toys, games, and family-centered entertainment.

              If people love a particular game, they will surely take it home with them or buy a few for their friends at home.

              Final Thoughts

              We are perfectly aware that not all people will be happy with all the items in the shop. Nevertheless, when you consider what to sell in the hotel gift shop, make sure you offer more than just things – travelers need experiences and memories, and you can provide them with the added benefit of making their stay unforgettable as well.