Bathrobes are an important priority in the hospitality sector, especially in hotels, saunas, spas, pool facilities and others such. They are not only meant to be a temporary clothing item that the user would want to peel out as early as possible and that is why, it is important that they offer exactly what a user looks for – excellent absorbency, superb comfort and softness and a perfect craftsmanship.

Though bathrobes are available in a variety of styles and pattern, one sure does outshine the others – the waffle robes that are made of soft, durable fiber to offer a super comfy, snug and flattering experience to the wearer. However, that’s not all. There a number of reasons that make the waffle robes much more popular than the other types, some of which are as follows:

1. Superb durability

    When a customer uses a bathrobe offered by you, he/she should feel like being enveloped in a soft cocoon of comfort and freshness. And that is possible only when the bathrobes are thoroughly washed and made fluffy after each use. Obviously, that means the bathrobes will undergo a lot of stress regularly.

    That is exactly why the waffle pattern is much preferred. This pattern is created when long, durable fibers are craftily woven to enhance their longevity. Naturally, waffle robes last much longer than the other types, even after regular heavy use.

    2. Excellent breathability

      The waffle pattern is excellent for air circulation. This means that the moisture is easily evaporated from the body when used after a swim or bath. Also, the sweat that develops after a sauna or spa session can also be lost easily. Naturally, most customers prefer using them than other styles and patterns.

      Additionally, this pattern is quite easy to dry after a wash due to the ample spaces between the weaves. So, you can use them without a hesitation even in the most humid climates where the moisture in the air doesn’t allow things to dry up easily.

      3. Elegant

        The waffle pattern creates a beautiful style in itself that is beautiful and subtle. Obviously, the robes look super classy and you can also order personalized waffle robes to add a nice touch of tailor-made care that you want your customers to feel. You can also notch things up a bit by offering monogrammed waffle robes that speak of personalization, yet very subtly.

        4. Versatile

          Another reason why your customers would love to wear waffle bathrobes is because they are quite versatile. They can wear these robes to the poolside lounge, bar or restaurant, to the spa, after and before a bath, after a sauna or steam bath session and a lot more. They are crafted with vision and care and hence, can be worn outside the hotel room as well with no fear of privacy breach. They do not have to change again and again for various activities; neither do you need to provide separate ones for different activities.

          5. Highly absorbent

            The waffle structure easily soaks up all the moisture on the skin and helps it to pass out through the pores for a quick dry-up. Naturally, the user needn’t struggle with a towel to get dry. That will also eliminate all chances of rashes, irritations, bruises, etc. caused due to repeated rubbing to soak up all the water.

            6. For all

              That’s another benefit why the waffle bathrobes are liked by all. They are for all. You can buy any size between the kid's waffle robes and adult robes, depending on the clientele that you have. Moreover, they good for both men and women, young or old, fat or thin, tall or short. Something for everyone, including waffle bathrobes for bridesmaids!

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