Planning to start up a salon, spa or hotel on your own? Amongst the various other things that you would need to offer the best service to your customers, an important and indispensable one are the bathrobes. Yes, bathrobes are an important amenity that you must offer to your esteemed customers to make them feel pampered and cared for. And for that, you would need the best waffle robes that are available in the market and that too, at the best price.

What to look for while buying waffle robes?

if you want your customers to be satisfied and happy with your services, you ought to find a provider that offers high-quality wholesale waffle robes. Buying wholesale will reduce your overall costs and at the same time, help you get the best quality for the money that you spend. However, before you buy, you need to ask around a bit and know whether

  1. They are reliable or not
  2. They provide quality items or not
  3. The bathrobes have the essential compartments
  4. The robes can be personalized as per requirement
  5. The price is affordable and reasonable for the quality being offered.
  6. They are versatile.

At, Bathrobe Depot, we guarantee the answer to all these above questions would be a guaranteed yes and you can shop from our wholesale store without any worries at all. What makes our bathrobes amongst the best in the market is that they come with a number of excellent features and benefits that can suit all requirements.  

  1. Highly durable

When you buy from Bathrobe Depot, you can rest assured about the quality of the bathrobes. We use the best fabric that is available in the market and accompanied by the high quality of craftsmanship from our skilled workmen, we have been able to manufacture the best quality kimono style waffle bathrobe for our esteemed customers. We offer different fabric quality – pure cotton and a blend of cotton and polyester – to best suit the needs of the users. Not only that, the deft craftsmanship and the high quality of the fabric used, together make our bathrobes not only suitable for all needs but also highly durable.

They can be repeatedly washed and used without any worry of disintegration or thinning. Thus, they would be the ideal pick for your hotel or spa.

  1. Excellent structure

When it comes to bathrobes, it is important that they not only well-built but are also well structured. At Bathrobe Depot, we do take care of the fact that our bathrobes are carefully and craftily designed so as to enhance their utility. They are so made that they can be easily folded and stowed away or hung onto a hanger without any sort of problem. Not only that, for the best user experience, they have two large and well-designed front pockets that can be efficiently used to store small yet necessary items. The robe sash can easily go through any of the two sets off loops that our bathrobes come with for a proper fit. 

  1. Versatility

Bath robes aren’t meant to be worn only before one changes into proper clothes after a bath. They are meant to be a lot more. One can wear bathrobes while lounging by the poolside and sipping a nice cocktail, enjoying a light lunch or a drink or two by the poolside or while strolling by the beachside. In short, they are meant to be versatile and be a temporary wear that one can wear not only inside the hotel or spa room but within the complex as well. Accordingly, our bathrobes are designed to suit a variety of environment and offer maximum privacy at all times.

  1. Personalized

Want your bathrobes to promote your brand or service? No worries, as we provide personalized waffle robes and that too, without charging you a hefty price. We understand that popularizing and representing your brand is very important these days and we allow you to do that in an excellent way by offering especially monogrammed waffle robes just for your service. So, you can easily put up your brand/service name, logo, tagline or whatever you prefer in a nice, small monogram on the bathrobes.

  1. Variety

We understand that each brand/service provider has its own style and so, to suit everyone the best, we offer waffle bathrobes in a variety of colors, designs, patterns, etc. Not only that, we offer a wide range of sizes – you can buy anything between kids waffle robes to adult waffle bathrobes to fulfill your needs. Not only that, we offer especial ones like waffle bathrobes for bridesmaids to suit the needs of various occasions.

  1. Reasonable pricing

At Bathrobe depot, we understand that most people have a budget constraint and so, we have tried to keep the wholesale as well as retail rates very affordable. Reasonable rates ensure that anyone willing to buy the best waffle robes does not have to give a second thought before buying our products. We are here to satisfy our customers and not burn a hole in their pockets.

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