Do you remember when we presented you with our top suggestions on how to offer your hotel guests a luxurious and unforgettable experience? We said back then that all traveling guests needed to feel that the hotel (villa, resort, cabin in the woods) respects them entirely, is willing to meet their needs, and stops at nothing to exceed their expectations.

  • Luxury beach towels make it on top of such high-end amenities you should consider this summer, especially if you run a beach hotel/boutique villa.

When it comes to pampering your guests, so they come back next year and send their friends your way, few things beat the comforts and amenities you provide for them in the rooms and all around the venue. Let us find out why you should offer free-of-charge and beautiful luxury beach towels to all of your summer clients!

1. Luxury Beach Towels Make the Difference in Guest’s Perception

If you browsed travel websites and portals (and you should do it more often), you already learned that travelers usually ask one fascinating question: does the hotel offer luxury beach towels and spa towels, or do we have to bring their own?

Modern tourists do not pack face or hand towels (they do not pack bath towels either) as they know they will find some waiting for them in the hotel room. However, just as you strive to offer your guests a 5-star hotel experience with your well-selected range of luxury bathrobes, so you should never overlook the presence of high-end cotton luxury beach towels to wait for them upon their arrival at your beach resort.

You may not believe this, but the presence of lovely beach towels or pool towels at the hotel may make or break the vacation reservation for a client.

Sophisticated travelers, who are willing to pay good money for summer fun, comfort, relaxation, and joy will expect nothing less from your part. If clients ask forums about towels, stay ahead of the competition and provide your guests with what they want.

2. Luxury Beach Towels are the Easiest Way to Promote Your Hotel’s Services

Think about the following scenario: your guests come down in the morning to go to the hotel’s private beach, lay down their towels, and spend a day of relaxation, tanning, swimming, and heavenly peace on the beach.

Now imagine you personalize all your luxury beach towels not only with your hotel logo but also with small pieces of information that act as promotional messages. Under the hotel’s name or logo, advertise with a few well-chosen words the high-end restaurant you have on the premises or the Aqua Park everybody has to try.

Your luxury beach towels can turn into amazing poolside towels – one on each pool lounger – so your guests have nothing to worry about besides enjoying the pool, the sun, and the fun. Keeping small pieces of advertisement right in front of their eyes is one of the most ingenious ways to promote your other hotel services and facilities.

3. Luxury Beach Towels Make Excellent Hotel Gift Shop Items

Not so long ago, we discussed a few things related to hotel gift shops and the items you can sell there to make guests’ experience one of a kind. You could offer clients the chance to buy new fluffy and absorbent cotton beach towels from the hotel’s shop as a souvenir.

Instead of taking home with them the spa towels, pool and beach towels they already used, they can pack some new ones for the friends and family members at home. If you provide the guests with branded high-end Turkish cotton oversized towels, you can be confident they will storm your hotel gift shop and get startling souvenirs for them or their loved ones.

As advice, make sure that all your beach and pool towels exceed the standards and can provide the guests with a unique pampering experience when they stay at the hotel. Moreover, make sure you do not trade quality for anything else when you sell the same quality towels in your gift shop.

4. Your Luxury Beach Towels will put the Hotel on the Map of Best Hotels for Weddings and Honeymoons

A beach resort or a beach hotel is a paradise for beautiful weddings and honeymoons. If you want to stay ahead of the competition and you want couples to choose your venue instead of others, turn their visit into a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

You need more than just towels to make couples want to spend their honeymoon at your hotel, but luxury spa towels, pool towels, and beach towels make an excellent start.

Besides offering them the towels, you can make sure you provide them with luxury spa bathrobes as well, not to mention you can surprise the newlywed brides with delicate and seductive satin kimono robes for a honeymoon to remember.

Do not forget to personalize the towels or the robes with the guests’ monograms for a personalized and unique experience.

A Few Things about Hotel Beach Towels before We Meet Next Time

Beach towels are some of the most underappreciated items in summer, but you should change your perspective on them. Let us see how you should choose the best beach and pool towels for your hotel to make a memorable impression on your guests!

  • First, you need to understand that beach towels should be broad and generous in size, so they can offer comfort to people when they lie down on the beach on by the poolside ;
  • They have to be ultra-performant: thick, absorbing, super-soft and able to dry quickly. Superior and premium cotton beach towels offer the guest comfort and coolness while helping the guest dry faster and enjoy a session of tanning in full comfort;
  • The best beach towels are versatile (large, absorbing, and breathable how they are), so you can also use them at the spa center you have in the hotel. After all, nothing matches the comfort and luxury of a 100% silky, smooth, and large cotton beach towel.

The competition in the hospitality industry, especially in summer, and specifically in beach resorts is fierce. If you want to stay ahead and have your brand on everybody’s lips and minds, start to include luxury beach towels and pool towels in your amenities offer. The long-lasting impression you will make on your guests will convince them to come back to your hotel next summer season as well.