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Women's Terry velour hooded bath robes - offers men eco-comfort

If you are eco-friendly guy then terry velour hooded bath robes are suitable for you. The whole world is now crazy about the organic and eco-friendly thing and thus there are many eco-friendly bathrobes available in the market. Besides this, here is the full information about this eco – comfort.

Bamboo terry robe or cotton terry robe

Bamboo and cotton: both are the best and natural ingredients used in the tort bathrobes plus in terms of strength and durability they both are equal and good.

  • Bamboo bath robes are made from the bamboo and thus you can assume that the fibers of it are strong like hulk. Bathrobes made from it will not tear easily plus they are free from any kind of allergic microorganisms.
  • Taking about the cotton one, then off-course it is made up of cotton and various type of cotton use in it like Turkish cotton or brazilin cotton. It features are just like the bamboo one and only the material is different.

Features of the bathrobes


This available in all sizes i.e. from small, medium, large and extra large. So, you can get different size of it and a perfect size will give you a great fir plus a great look.


The color is white or most probably you will get an off white color of women’s terry velour hooded bathrobes. Besides this, there is not artificial white color used in it and the color is just natural white.

Zero use of chemicals paints

Many people are allergic to the points used in the dyed used for bathrobes. But as said before, it is eco-comfort, and thus there is no adulteration in it.


This kimono style bathrobe is certified and passes the entire quality test conducted by the quality inspector. So, there is no doubt about its quality.

About bathrobes

This bathrobe has pockets which are two in number, have a hood which covers your entire head, long sleeves which are in kimono style and belt.

Where can you wear this terry velour hooded robes?

If you make a list of clothes which are versatile and multipurpose then bathrobes is the must name in the list. Here are the places where you can wear these robes:


Home is that place where one can rest and fell comfortable and if you do not have comfortable clothes then that clothes are of no use. You can easily wear them after the shower, while cooking, cleaning, do work from home or just relax in it.

Spas and salons

Spas and salons are the big fan of these robes as they make their work easy. Any customer with a shirt or a tight jeans spa thing become quite complicated but with the robes, they do not worry about the stains on your clothes plus both of you do not feel uncomfortable. Besides this, many saloons prefer wholesale terry velour hooded robes as they need them in bulk.

So, this is all about the terry velour hooded bath robes. Hope so this content holds all the important things about the bathrobes.