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Ladies Monogrammed Waffle Bath Wraps - White, Bath Wraps

We know how much you are careful about your body. And that is why our main target is to offer clothing that will pamper and caress your body. As a woman, your body is generally delicate and sensitive. Wrapping it with something hard and rough is the worst idea to go with. We have the complete collection of the waffle towel wraps for you so that you can have something really comfortable for your smooth body. No matter whether you are taking a bath or are in a spa, our body wraps will let you have the best and softest experience ever.

Types of wraps

Coming to our services, we have a complete range of all the body wraps that you will ever need in your daily life. We specialize in the waffle spa wraps and many other wraps that you may need. In the spa, you need something really classy and smooth to cover your body. Thus, your wraps are compatible of both the qualities. The next is the women’s waffle bath wraps. These are the best wraps that you can get for your bath. They are quite soft because they are waffle type. The waffle bath wraps towel are also available, and you do not have to rub your body against anything hard as this towel is quite soft and easy to use.

Cost effective

Your body needs some extra care, and you must not be paying extra for it. Your body is the most important thing in your life, and you have to take extra care of it. If you are compelled to pay more for it, then you will be deprived of something that you need desperately. We have taken care of the situation and offered you to have the after shower wraps and towel spa wraps in the lowest prices. They are available at the wholesale rate, and you can have them without a big scratch on your wallet.


One of the main features of our shower wraps and towels is that they are the softest that you can get. The waffle that is used is famous for being a soft resin, and thus we have used it in our wraps to make them perfectly soft and nice. They are perfectly woven and manufactured. There is no chance of these towels to get spoiled after any situation.


One of the main problems with these products is that they are not durable. As you buy a product, it seems to be really nice in the beginning, but after one single wash, it loses its color and shape. They are not washable or require special processes to get washed. Our towels and bath wraps are perfectly made so that they are durable for a fixed time. You do not have to worry about them getting spoilt. They are washable, and you can wash them in normal washing machines. There is no need of having a special washing unit for the event. Our bath towel wraps velcro, and the towels are really something to spend money on.