Kitchen All-Purpose Bar Mop Towels in Bulk - Gold - Set of 24

  • Kitchen All-Purpose Bar Mop Towels in Bulk - Gold - Set of 24, Kitchen Towels

Kitchen All-Purpose Bar Mop Towels in Bulk - Gold - Set of 24

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    - Made of 100% natural plain cotton 
    - Fast dry and high absorbency
    - Ideal thickness 
    - Size: 16x19 inches 
    - Machine washable and dryable


    This set of 24 All purpose White towels with a Gold stripe are some of the most absorbent and easy to use towels within the current marketplace. They are made utilising a combination of 10% polyester and 90% cotton, along with a terry loop fabric, so they will not shrink or lose strength over time. This kind of material allows your hands to feel very smooth soft while using them, and are great for allowing you to pick up any spills along any kind of surface. The lushness of the towels are what your would expect at a high end restaurant, yet are affordable for any type of business. The fabric is great for mopping up any kind of mess along any surface, allowing you to quickly and efficiently clean up a spill within the house kitchen or in a restaurant. However, with this set, you have the chance to bring luxury into your restaurant for a non-luxurious price. This set of towels has a double stitched woven edge to it, so it will not unravel on you, no matter how many times it has been washed or used. Once it has been washed, whether it is by hand or by machine, the fibres will continue to hold together. This action will cause the garment to become even softer after each wash. This all purpose towel comes in an all white design with some gold stripes, which makes it very easy to wash and to keep clean. This design element provides you with a sense of practicality and organisation within any restaurant kitchen, and allows you to be prepared to handle any kind of mess which needs to be cleaned up.