Personalized Kids Spa Hotel Bath Robe with Hood - Burgundy

  • Personalized Kids Spa Hotel Bath Robe with Hood - Burgundy, Kid's Robe

Personalized Kids Spa Hotel Bath Robe with Hood - Burgundy

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  • - 100% Turkish Cotton Kids Hooded Terry Cloth Robe

    - 14 oz. per sq. yd. / 2 lb.

    - Double stitching for durability

    - Sizes:

    Small/Medium: Length: 28' Waist:38' Chest:36' Sleeve Length: 14' Armpit Size:8' Recommended Age: 3-6 years old kids

    Large: Length: 36' Waist:42' Chest:41' Sleeve Length: 15' Armpit Size:8' Recommended Age: 7-11 years old kids 

    This luxurious spa and hotel children's hooded Burgundy bath robe is so soft, you'll think you've moved into a life of luxury. By having the capability of bringing home luxury in the form of these cotton robes, you will be able to add some style and grace to your child's wardrobe for a very non-luxury price. Made completely out of Terry Cloth, this garment to be very smooth and soft to the touch. This is even more evident after they are washed, as the cotton fibers interact with each other in a way which means the towel is even softer after a wash. The fibers are held in place with a double woven edge, meaning you do not need to deal with any strands or fray marks during its lifetime. The lavishness of the material quickly absorbs any water which might be on your child's body, meaning when they are wrapped up fully, they will feel the dryness and warmth which this kind of material provides. Along the near edge, there is a Terry Velour design, which gives you an extra penchant of style and flair along this robe. This robe is available in a small or medium size, and it's intended for children who are between three and six.

    HTKB-COLOR Burgundy